4 Top Paleo Egg recipes…

4 Top Paleo Egg recipes…

It is my latest quest in life to get the other half to let me own chickens…

It would make perfect economic sense based on the consumption we have in this house.  Since going Paleo I have quadrupled how many eggs I can get through on a weekly basis, as have the children.

Breakfast normally consists on two poached eggs, if I have a salad I am prone to throwing an eggs in.  Get peckish between meals?  You guessed it, I have a boiled egg or if I am feeling adventurous I scramble them….

And of course sometimes I bake – and baking requires more eggs.

So chickens would be the perfect answer….

But he who helped create them does not seem to agree.

He is a fan of my latest review item, this rather wonderful egg holder from presentsformen.  It holds my weekly eggs beautifully


Although my son cannot stop touching the eggs now they are 100% on display.

*Quick note: Presentsformen have some amazing things on offer  – not just funky egg holders.  Plus they are not just for men – you can find gifts to suit the whole family, from garden games to giant door picture frames.  I lost hours of my life browsing through the site finding items I desired.

But back to eggs.

Have a look at some of the great foods you can make on a Paleo diet with a simple egg (and a few other bits…)

Alice over at More than Paleo has a great starter recipe for new to Paleo people, you have to try these banana pancakes, you just need an egg and a banana.  It is simply scrummy.

This next recipe makes me drool, an Avocado BLT Egg Salad from stupidly easy Paleo.  Incorporating my three favourite foods, eggs, bacon and avocado.  It is addictive!

Just want a snack to keep you going until dinner? but you want it to be perfect?  Then look at NomNomPaleo’s perfect hard boiled eggs – there is a skill to everything.

And of course, lets not forget the Omelette, this Australian recipe is perfect for those looking to use up fridge items to accompany their eggs.  Just make sure it is Paleo…

Now I have to go make lunch!

Enjoy your eggs – and never eat them in moderation.

Disclosure: We were sent an item to review by Presentsformen




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