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Picking up the pieces

It has been a year. For someone who usually just gets on with things, it comes as much of a surprise to me that I still feel like I am laying in a million pieces on

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BB’s journey with DHH


Dancing after DDH

It is over three years since Libby-Sue came out of spica cast following surgery for her undetected hip dysplasia. It has been just under two and a half years since

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Twin Girl and Type 1 Diabetes

Molly lunch sandcastle

Type 1 Diabetes: When it is all too much

This week is Diabetes Awareness week, and for once I have not been able to find the words to write about life with a child with Type 1.  This week has felt like a battle

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The one where I #choseachoon

Cheese! We love cheese in this house, from the edible kind to the stuff that gets played on the stereo as we bounce around getting ready for school. So it will come … [Read More...]

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