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What he really said was….

It all boils down to communication, or lack of it  as it would seem in our case.  Although I have spoken to numerous girlfriends and it seems to be a common problem

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The one where we go whoopsie…

Once more, it is a Saturday morning and I have poured myself into my swimsuit and am cruising through the ripples.  However, this week I am not alone.  BB finally put

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BB’s journey with DHH


The legacy of DDH – how things change

I remember the days leading up to BB's official diagnosis of Hip Dysplasia with a clarity that is often remiss in my memory bank.  Google had already spelled out our

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Twin Girl and Type 1 Diabetes

Type One Diabetes

Are you a pure idiot about Diabetes?

The newspapers have been excitable in the last few months, with headlines shouting: “End of the diabetes jab? New insulin implant controls blood glucose levels without

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flow riding

Born to surf…. Mr Blobby in black

My posture is stooped and my legs just don't work without a pulsating ache singing through my limbs.  My stomach muscles are beaten and my arms feel as if a weight hangs

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