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Confessions: I am that mum that….

Eats the kids chocolate and spends the next day helping them look for it. Image courtesy of Shutterstock Has no idea when the library bus comes. Never gets the

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Dream Destinations: Iceland

Everyone has a place they long to visit, a world they want to explore outside of the realm of their own reality.   As my 40th approaches, I want to mark it with an

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BB’s journey with DHH


Dancing after DDH

It is over three years since Libby-Sue came out of spica cast following surgery for her undetected hip dysplasia. It has been just under two and a half years since

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Twin Girl and Type 1 Diabetes

Diabetes: Just imagine for a second….

Just imagine with me for a moment if you will. Imagine your child in front of you, and a doctor at your side.  The doctor tells you that your child's lungs are

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Paleo / Crossfitting

crossfit girls

CrossFit Plus Prosecco….

You don't have to read this blog very often to know I love CrossFit.  Not just the sport, but the friends I have found inside the gym, the confidence I've built and the

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