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What Jane did next: with a kayak….

I don't always think things through... In fact, it would be fair to say I often act on impulse and then panic later. This weekend was a good example of this impetus

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Feel the fear; and do it anyway

Every part of my body aches, my backside groans when I sit, my arms grumble when I lift them, and the most painful part of me is my cheeks.  Unless I am smiling my face

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BB’s journey with DHH


The legacy of DDH – how things change

I remember the days leading up to BB's official diagnosis of Hip Dysplasia with a clarity that is often remiss in my memory bank.  Google had already spelled out our

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Twin Girl and Type 1 Diabetes

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Paleo / Crossfitting


365 days of CrossFit

Lets face it, I am known for fads.  Especially on the exercise front. Zumba - it was never going to work, even though I told myself I would give the relationship my

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