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Kids Parties: The Road To Madness

The path of parenting rarely runs smoothly, it is a winding, often bumpy lane, that can take you past scenes of beauty so intense if can take your breath away.  Then you

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Languedoc Manor: The one with the photos

It has been almost a week since we returned from Languedoc and it is amazing how quickly it seems like forever ago. All we have is memories to sustain us, and of

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BB’s journey with DHH


The legacy of DDH – how things change

I remember the days leading up to BB's official diagnosis of Hip Dysplasia with a clarity that is often remiss in my memory bank.  Google had already spelled out our

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Twin Girl and Type 1 Diabetes

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Why I lift….

It will be a year next week from the day I decided to start becoming the person I used to be, and the person I wanted to be again. Although many people mark that change

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