We made it!

We got through baby beautifuls blessing without either twin girl or boy shaming us and getting the entire family barred from the pearly gates. It was touch and go for a while, twin girl did start her blasphemous repetition of ‘Jesus, Jesus’ once again and the vicar did break out in a visible sweat but all was averted by a quick hymn.

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I thought I would be full of blogging content this evening, virtually over spilling with amusing tales. However sitting in the passenger seat whilst he who helped create them drives the long journey back from the north to south all I can do is reflect on what a fabulous day I have had.

We have been at a christening, and for anyone who doesn’t know how my little angels usually approach religious ceremonies please click here to catch up. However my children were only guilty of award winning behaviour, and to disappoint me further all the children at the church were fantastically well behaved, including my beautiful new god daughter ‘terrific toddler’.

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Today was different.

Now twin one and two are at school the pressure is really on me and he who helped create them to have proper ‘family time’ at the weekend. God forbid in their therapy sessions later in life they comment that we stunted their development in life by occasionally staying in on the weekend and not hitting every farm, playground, duck pond, and theme park in a 25 mile radius.

However today we had something that had to be done and to be honest we have been putting it off for some time.

We had to go to church…..

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