Who needs an alarm clock when…~ Northernmum

I remember when we decided to have a baby, the batteries on the alarm clock had ran out and rather than buying some new ones, myself and he who helped create them thought it would be make good financial sense to have a baby which would guarantee we would never sleep past 7am again (ever).

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Family time on Sunday

Today was different.

Now twin one and two are at school the pressure is really on me and he who helped create them to have proper ‘family time’ at the weekend. God forbid in their therapy sessions later in life they comment that we stunted their development in life by occasionally staying in on the weekend and not hitting every farm, playground, duck pond, and theme park in a 25 mile radius.

However today we had something that had to be done and to be honest we have been putting it off for some time.

We had to go to church…..

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Tea and Tissues

Today was the day, we have been waiting for this day for a long long time. I was up at 6.30am, washed my hair, cleaned my teeth extra well, painstakingly applied makeup in a way to try and make me look like I have made no effort and always loo naturally fresh faced. At 6.30am I have a tendency to look a little like the Gruffalo with no hairy wart on the end of my nose (it’s on my chin for those that are interested) so it takes a lot of make up to make it look like I am not wearing any. My outfit was chosen the night before, and nails were filed and toenail polish applied. By 7.45 I was as ready as I would ever be – oh yes I was ready for my first ever school run!

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Press the button, a tale of one woman, three kids and a lift

Sweet lord, it has been a long time since I have ventured anywhere near a shopping centre with the bambinos in tow. However today proved unavoidable so beautiful baby was tucked into the buggy and twin one and two were issued with several rules and regulations about behaviour, running off and inappropriate bogey licking and off we went.

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Movie Magic

No feeling like it…

You know how life is never like the movies and sometimes well wouldn’t it be nice if life just bore some resemblance to a disney film. Well I have found my slice of the cinematic pie. Try this exercise at home and see if you can also get a bit of movie magic.

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