How to feel good about yourself

Twin boy, girl and I have been trying to understand feelings this afternoon.

They seem to have a grasp on it as twin boy likes to express his vocally at any given moment and is prone to Oscar winning performances over the tiniest thing. A refusal of a biscuit before teatime can lead to dramatic swoons followed by Oscar winning hysterics and heartrending pleas.

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A Northern Mum in New York (almost)

We had arrived in the land of the free, the country full of irony that doesn’t really get sarcasm. Home to the size zero it also produces pizzas the size of planets and hot dogs which can make a well endowed man cover his nether regions in shame.

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Blogging in business class

So why is it that if you get a glass of wine in the pub at 10am you are considered borderline alcoholic but in a business class airport it is more than acceptable. Oh yes…

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Handing in my notice

I am handing in my notice.

I have been doing this job for nearly five years but to be honest it is time for me to hand over the ropes to someone else. The day to day job is ok but the hours are rubbish I always do twelve hour shifts at least and the occasional night shift.

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damp with a sore bottom

I spent the vast majority of this weekend damp with a slightly sore bottom. I have looked like Casper the Ghost since Friday, my make up bag has been gathering dust and my ghd’s are stone cold. The children are officially and he who helped create them is looking a bit worn out.

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