Reviews and Sponsored Posts  Explained

Reviews, advertorials and sponsored posts are always  clearly marked with my disclosure image. I love to write and if I can make some money along the way then fantastic, you can also check out my work with me page!
Review posts are written by myself when I am approached by companies and I like the product, I will always tell the truth so if I like it then I will tell you and if I don’t the same applies!
Sponsored and advertorial posts are articles that I have been paid to  write and post on my blog.  I will always accept sponsored posts that can be woven into the context of my blog
Giveaways and  Competitions
Occasionally I will run a competition  or giveaway for the same or similar item within a review post.   All terms and conditions will be displayed on the individual post.  A  full list of entrants and winners is available on request, where  appropriate.


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