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I don’t know whether I’ve caught Hinch-basket fever or if it’s all the Marie Kondo material that’s doing the rounds, but I’m fascinated by the idea of keeping things neat, tidy, and dare I say it, minimalistic!

Take a look at all the Insta pics. Those clean lines in those clean living spaces. Drool. What a dream.

Some of them even have kids.

It’s ok, though. They’re clearly something alien mascaraing as humans.

That being said, while it might be darn near impossible to have one of those Insta-worthy show homes, I’m keen to cut back this spring. The recent weather has motivated me to start clearing out a little and taking some initial steps to having clutter-free home.

With four of us in the house, it’s hard to cut back entirely, but I figured that making some simple changes could make a world of difference.

First things first, computer/writing/procrastinating space.

Frankly, what a disgrace.

As a working mum with a blog, it’s easy to quickly become surrounded by papers whether it’s reports and writing stuff or school letters and homework. I think we can all agree that paper is so messy. A few sheets can make everything look like it’s gone to shit.

I’ve seen this amazing desk with storage over at LionsHome and I have my heart set on it. All white and bright, the Lv. life Computer Desk has a built-in drawer, a cabinet, and hidden shelves, for the ultimate workspace solution.

It’s exactly what I need. I’m really keen to have some lighter colours in the home as well to brighten things up, so this would be perfect. And completely affordable to at just £59.99.

OK, so to go from affordable to a little bit of luxury… I’m convinced that the SoBusy Extendable Kitchen Trolley Island Storage Cupboard will sort all of my kitchen storage dilemmas out. I’m positive of it. Who wouldn’t die for a couple of extra cupboards in their kitchen!?

Whether you choose to use it as an island or a versatile sideboard is up to you – or me, or both of us – but one thing’s for sure, it’s going to look amazing with a cutesy houseplant and wax melt burner perched on top.

Better still, instead of my tea towels and cloths being sprawled across the kitchen side, the trolley features a little holder for me to hang them on. Once I’ve organised everything into food containers one Saturday afternoon, and I’d have a dream situ in my kitchen.

Honestly. This is what life has become. Get excited. I am.

Taking this excitement upstairs, I’ve spotted the lovely Trunk Java, which would add some cosy natural fibres to the bedroom, and is ideal for storing away bed linen and keeping things neat and tidy.

While I continue on my hunt for storage solutions, check out LionsHome. You’ll love it.


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