WTF – Single Awareness Day

WTF – Single Awareness Day

Yup – it’s a thing.


You can be forgiven for never hearing of this celebratory day before.  I’ve been single for the best part of five years and never knew it existed before today.

And even then when it did get called to my attention, I generally thought it was a joke.

But it isn’t.

So in your face – you happy people who get to cuddle and smooze all through Valentines day, because come midnight, your time runs out, and its all about us lonely bastards.

Shift your pumpkin out-of-the-way, bugger off with your glass slippers.  Make way for an army of singletons with their hairy legs and slippered feet.

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It is our time….

I’ll let wikipedia explain….

Singles Awareness Day (or Singles Appreciation Day) is a holiday celebrated by single people. It serves as a complement to Valentine’s Day for people who are single, that is, not involved in a romantic relationship. It is a celebration of love in all forms recognising the love between friends and family, and loving yourself.

My first thoughts, if it is a day for loving yourself I’ll need to get new batteries, possibly even invest in rechargeable ones, when I pop out to Asda later.

My second thought,  do I really need a day to celebrate this?

Or to love myself for that matter?

I can do that any old time.

I don’t need a day to celebrate my lack of ability to succeed in a relationship….

Although – married friends, and those of you in committed relationships – please note I am open to gifts and cards on Friday – flowers are welcome, diamonds accepted and no alcoholic booze replacements appreciated.

Because, Friday, it would seem – is all about me.

I plan on kicking my heels up now, because I know it is MY day.

I’ll start with the usual single fun, or trying to get ready for work, make pack ups for four, feed the animals, walk the dog and get three people to school.  I imagine it will be all the more exciting knowing it is singles day. am sure once the kids get wind, they will fall over themselves trying to get me treats and make my morning stunning….

Perhaps my ex husband will drop me a card?

I’ll remind him when we meet for child handover that night.  He will be crushed if he has forgotten. Am sure he thinks I’m single because I never found anyone to replace him….  Lets never share the truth that the whole being married experience may have scarred me for life.

I’ll continue loving myself all day…

Doing the same old rubbish I do every day.  May even browse a dating app – just to remind myself why I am single….

So how about you, any single readers, how will you love yourself this Friday?

Keep it clean please…….



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