Things to be aware of when decorating with kids in the house.

Things to be aware of when decorating with kids in the house.

Having children changes everything.  Many presume it will just affect their sleep, and their ability to leave the house without a bag full of nappies, milk, wipes, spare clothes etc.

It changes far more!

Your view on everything will alter.

You will suddenly hanker after seven seater automobiles because of the space they offer, you will always head to the discount section of the store first.  You will start to buy your clothes after purchasing your fruit and vegetables.  The supermarket will become a one stop shop.

Your taste in interior design will drastically change.

Those cream carpets you hankered after before producing small people will become an impractical dream after the first nappy explosion.


You will view beauty and clean ability as things of equal importance.

What to consider when choosing flooring when children live in the home.

How long do you want the floor to last?

If you are looking at replacing the kitchen floor in a family home, I’d advise you look at a floor with staying power and that is easy to clean.

Babies are messy and have food fights daily, you need a floor that you can whip round with a cloth quickly before playing with the little food terrier.

Linoleum is a nice, reasonable flooring, with lots of options for design and it is so easy to clean.  I wouldn’t have been without my linoleum floor when I had the twins feeding food to the floor.  It lasted well into my youngest daughters weaning phrase as well.

Bigger budgets can consider wood and tiles.  Tiles may be at risk of cracking with hard handed toddlers, but wood can add a beautiful fresh feel to the room, whilst also being proven to go the distance.


Keeping beauty in the home

Don’t get me wrong, becoming a parent has not removed my sense of style.  I still want my home to be full of beautiful things.  Practical does not mean ugly!

The Marble Store is a great resource for beautiful kitchen worktops and counters, that will stand the test of children.  The Carrara Marble Worktop is gorgeous, but it can also stand some serious cooking and some energetic kids!

Other options include Quartz worktops – known for its durability, so if a toddlers crayon starts to stray you can rest assured that you can delete all trace!

For the rest of the house.

I am traditional, I like a carpet.  And for this reason, all Play Doh activity is restricted to the Kitchen.  Carpet for kids throws off warmth, can be easily hoovered, is soft underfoot in summer, and cosy through the long winter nights.  Everyone in the family likes a snuggle on a carpet.


Covering your floors with carpet will allow you to peruse a range of styles and options to fit most budgets.  I’d spend time speaking to your flooring consultant about piles thickness and how it will cope underfoot from a busy family stampede.

Choose right and you can source a design solution that can last a lifetime….


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