Making New Year’s Resolutions for your motor

January is here. It’s time for all that unbearable New Year, New You nonsense.

I’ve pretty much succumbed to the fact that there’s unlikely to be a holy grail version of myself somewhere in the not-so-distant future.

My resolution this year is perhaps more sickening, to be content, and forget striving for some new standard of perfection that will only give me reason to beat myself down. I’ve made health improvements in my life quite organically over the last few years – both physically and mentally. And the most important thing I’ve learnt is that it doesn’t take January to do it!

Eat what’s left in the house. Heck, January is depressing enough as it is. Cosy up under a blanket instead of heading out for a run you don’t want to do in the cold. Just be calm for a few more weeks of dark nights and icy cold mornings.

Decide, without pressure, the stuff you want to sort out as you go alone. If anything.

With all the inspirational stuff is out of the way, there is something I vow to do this year. Less of a resolution and more of a ‘getting my arse into gear’ strategy.

If anything for 2019, I’m going to make a resolution for my run-around.

Scheduling my car service

Yes, my car.

I use it and abuse it, day in, day out. Trusty as ever, it gets the kids to school, me to work, lugs us around to the never-ending array of afterschool commitments, and keeps up with the family’s social calendar, too. It’s there. It’s reliable. What’s more, it’s health often gets forgotten.

Amidst the business of daily life, it’s oh-so easy to become complacent about car health. Perhaps it’s time we gave a little back to our motors and kept it in tip-top health going forward. Plus, all we do to keep our car health top notch, will only ensure our safety – and our children’s safety – in the long run.   It is clearly super important to keep your tyres in good health, getting it serviced regularly so your brakes are in order. 

What is the importance of car servicing and maintenance?

Car servicing is super important, getting your car serviced on a regular basis can mean the difference between it running well and breaking down.  Garages will perform overall health checks on your car and will call to light any areas that need attention – before they become expensive repair jobs. 

Thinking it is too expensive to service your car can often lead break downs in the future that hurt your wallet far more!

Cars should be serviced once a year – my little car is a bit older, so to keep her in good health – I aim to service her twice a year – because I would be lost without her!

Cars that are well serviced and maintained often run better, therefore are more efficient and use less fuel!And as well as servicing you need to keep up to date with your MOT!

So, how can it be done?

Well, Iverson Tyres has decided to launch a campaign called ‘New Year’s Resolutions For Your Car’.

First and foremost, treat your car this year and schedule a car service in London with Iverson Tyres, and receive some tips on how to keep your car in good health. From tyres, to MOTs, services and brake tests, making sure your car is A-OK will help you save money and fuel, while protecting the environment, too.


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