Car Tyres and Driving in Birmingham – Tips for Safety

Birmingham is one of the country’s busiest cities and driving around the city centre can be tricky at the best of times. It is even tougher if your tyres are not in good condition. Without paying the proper attention to your tyres, it is more likely you will spin out of control if you need to swerve at late notice. Since Birmingham is full of bus lanes, cycle lanes and pedestrian crossings, you need to have full control of your car at all times. If you have doubts about the quality of your tyres, then have them inspected. 

Confirm Your Air Pressure 
The level of air pressure is very important to how a tyre functions. Without it being set to the car maker’s recommended level, you cannot maintain sufficient grip on the road. Use the air pump the next time you pop into your local filling station. If your tyres are too flat, then they can spread out on the road if you brake hard or need to corner at the last minute. This can mean spinning or not stopping in time. Don’t drive with flat tyres and get inspection done from a reliable garage. You can get replacement tyres in Birmingham or other surrounding areas from the Point S websitewhere you can find compatible ones just by entering your license plate number. Until then, look after the tyres you are currently using. 

Check for Bulging Sections of Rubber
Car owners may detect that the rubber in their tyres is splitting apart when a degraded part of the tyre forms an unsightly bulge. Replace any tyre with a bulge even if it is located on the sidewall. This is a sign the tyre will burst sooner rather than later. 

Look for Worn-Down Tread 
Don’t imagine that your tyres are okay because they are not bald. You must make sure they have enough tread which you can do by holding a twenty pence coin in them. The rim of the coin should be covered if there is enough depth left in the tread. If not, then you need to replace it straight away.

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