12 months: Alcohol Free

12 months: Alcohol Free

I did it,

It has been over a year since I had a glass of wine, a pint of lager, a G&T. When I started this challenge, I thought I would be euphoric at this point, however it has become a way of life – so I don’t feel it needs a celebration.

But I would like to mark it on the blog.

What has surprised me more than anything, is how much my not drinking has come into conversation.

People are intriuged by it, surprised by it, others that know me well – amazed by it. Some really don’t like it – others applaud it.

But mainly everyone mentions it.

The language is interesting.

The common question being…

“Are you still off the booze?”

Followed by,

“When do you think you will drink again?”

When you see an ex-smoker – one tends to congratulate them on giving up a drug, when you see an ex-drinker – the general consensus seems to be – when are you coming back to the boozy fold.

Which is weird, considering that alcohol is a pretty potent drug. I’ve read a lot in the last year, and I don’t want to use this space to lecture. We all know booze isn’t good for us. It’s your own choice whether you do or don’t.

All I know now is, for those who have walked away from the wine, I’d advise you keep walking.

Honestly – I don’t know if I will have a drink again. I’d like think my days of drinking to excess are firmly gone.

I’d be disappointed in myself, if I were to go out and return home steaming with a traffic cone on my swede.

But never say never.

Lets just say unlikely.

What did the year teach me?

I can do anything my mind sets to. I think I knew that already, but events of the last few years had left me with doubts in that respect.

I don’t need a drink inside me to enjoy myself. I cannot think of a single occasion in the last 370 days that would have been made better with a glass of alcohol inside me. I can think of many mornings that would have been ruined by a hangover.

Sadly the year taught me that food makes me chubby, not wine! That was a bitter pill to swallow.

I have also learnt that I am can dance sober, have sex sober (doesn’t happen often) laugh till I cry sober.

My life is not defined by having a rough day and answering the wine witch in the fridge. I face any tough days head on – nothing is now left to deal with tomorrow.

This suits me, it took about six months to find my groove without alcoholic – to see where this new version of me fitted in with my peers. I panicked on nights out, worried I would cave and have a glass of wine, or worried I’d be no fun and no one would want to talk to me.

Then suddenly, I stopped stressing, I got up and danced at parties, chatted shite with friends, stayed up late putting the world to rights.In short – I learnt the sober version of me can do everything I would have done after a bottle of Prosecco. Except I don’t do the stuff I may have regretted after a few too many glasses.

The year is done, I am itching for a new challenge, life is stupidly short and I want to embrace every single second.

2019 is going to be about seizing the moment, not giving a feck, making it count.

A belated, but a Happy New Year.

Jane x


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