2019 Men’s Jacket and Coat Trends

In this weather, having a nice warm jacket or coat to wear is essential. If your husband or older boys don’t have one yet, you should find this article especially interesting. Below, I tell you all about the latest men’s jacket and coat trends.

Bomber jackets

If you go to www.jacamo.co.uk you will soon notice that they have a lot of bomber jackets in their range. Without a doubt, this retro style jacket is very much back in style.

It is a cut that looks good on most men, especially when they are wearing jeans. On a warmer day, they are the perfect option. This year, they are cut a bit longer, which means that they are slightly warmer. You don’t get a gap appearing between the jacket bottom and trousers when you bend over.

Keep an eye out for the quilted ones. It does not sound like this would work, but they are actually very stylish. Some are filled with a little down, which means that they are just that little bit warmer.

A cotton bomber would make a great alternative to a heavy cardigan. They are also great for wearing under another jacket or a large coat.

Wool mix coats

This year, there are some especially stylish wool mix coats available. They look fantastic, especially the three-quarter length ones. These coats are super smart which makes them ideal for wearing over a suit. Yet, they can just as easily be worn with jeans or another type of casual pair of trousers.

A wool pea coat

If your man likes 100% wool, keep an eye out for this year’s pea coats. This classic cut is really stylish and versatile. Wool is far easier to take care of than you think, so there is no need to shy away from buying a coat that is made from this wonderful material. This article shows you how to keep it looking good without having to send it to the dry cleaner’s.

Polar jackets

If you are looking for a super warm coat you cannot go wrong with a polar jacket. As the name suggests, these were designed to be worn in Arctic conditions. The fur lined hood really keeps the wind off. Try to buy the type that has a detachable hood. I say this because on warmer days, the hood is just going to get in the way. So, it is nice to be able to unzip it and leave it at home.

Maritime jackets

On wet days, a maritime jacket is an ideal choice. They really do keep the rain out and are typically very wind resistant. Just make sure you buy one that is made out of a high-tech fabric like Hellytech. Also, make sure that the zip can be close up to the very top, so that the wearer can protect their neck from the rain and cold. Adjustable cuffs are a good feature too because the sleeves can be closed tight at the ends, which helps to keep the wearer warmer.

A few winter fashion ideas for women

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