Stay Cosy: How to Warm Your Home this Winter

While winter may not have officially arrived, the weather has certainly taken a chilly turn. The coats, jumpers and scarves are definitely out, and if the predictions of the coldest winter in 10 years are true, they will not be going away any time soon.

Although you can bundle up when you go out to keep yourself warm, you need to keep your home nice and toasty, too. Which is where these tips could help…

Use Curtains Carefully

As well as complementing your décor, curtains can play a role when keeping the cold at bay. For the most effective heat control, keep your curtains open during the day to allow the heat from sunlight to enter. Then close at night to insulate windows and prevent the warmth from escaping.

Look Out for Leaks

Air leaks can be a huge culprit of heat loss, allowing all the warmth generated by your central heating to filter out through gaps. Doors and windows are often the biggest areas for draughts, to seal around frames. This could keep your home warmer and help you save on winter energy bills.

Install Roof Insulation

This one is a little more expensive, but because up to a quarter of heat can be lost through the roof, it could be worth investing in roof insulation. Adding 25cm of it could drastically reduce this figure and filter warmth back down into your home.

Reflect Radiator Heat

When it gets cold, we all whack up the central heating to keep things cosy. However, heat can escape backwards and instead of warming rooms, filter out through the walls. To prevent this, place foil panels behind radiators, as these can reflect the heat into your home.

Slide the Sofa Over

This may seem like a really simple tip but rearranging your furniture can be super effective. For example, if your sofa or bed is in front of the radiator, it could be blocking the heat. So, make your radiators more effective by removing any obstructions and alerting room layouts.

Lots of Layers

Another option is to make your home feel cosier by layering with lots of blankets and throws – ideal for a Christmas movie night. Additionally, placing a rug on hard flooring can help to prevent heat loss, while a heated cushion like the one from Coopers of Stortfold can keep your hands and feet snug.


Hopefully your home stays warm this winter with these little toasty tips. Got any others? Let me know!



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