Finding Love at Christmas

Finding Love at Christmas

Another year passes, and it would seem I am still a singleton. Embracing my inner Bridget Jones, singing into my alcohol free wine bottle and not doing a huge amount about my single status.

Because most of the time, just me and my three musketeers, suits me just fine.

But gosh darn it – something about the twinkly lights, the sounds of Buble on the stereo, the general feeling of festivity in the air – and it makes me want to walk through snow drifts holding a fellas hand.

But it isn’t an easy task finding a suitor.

And with age I have got fussy.

I work from home, don’t drink, don’t go out that often, and my main hobby involves me usually collapsing in a pile of sweat at the end.

So yeah, I find it hard to meet guys.

I’ve tried some of the dating sites, but christ on a bike, some of the free ones are merely a holding bay for Crimewatch.

They are terrifying.

However, I have been given an early Christmas present! The kind folks over at eHarmony have offered me a shot at love this holiday season by asking my opinion on their site and their platinum service.

Now ladies, specifically – single ladies.

Filling out dating profiles – blooming awful isn’t it. I don’t know about you, but filling out the empty boxes leaves me sounding like a boring old spinster who spends her time surrounded by cats.

*cough* which clearly isn’t the case – I also have a dog!

Selling myself online doesn’t come easy, despite writing words for a living, when I try to wax lyrical about myself it leaves me with writers block.

eHarmony offer a platinum service which offers you a profile expert consultation. So this week I spent half an hour speaking to a gorgeous human who gently coaxed me through my rather dull dating profile and left me with one that was simply stupendous.

Hell – even I want to date me.

Seriously, she helped.

It was soothingly therapeutic. Looking at my interests, and desires – and making them sound enticing. The profile coach made me think a little deeper about my answers, and made me realise that a blanket statement…

I like CrossFit.

May not send the chaps hurtling towards me.

Now it reads…

I am passionate about keeping fit, lifting weights, competing at CrossFit and looking to find someone who cares about their fitness and is keen to train together.

I am very much hoping this will mean all the single men with abs will be preparing their introductory letter to me tonight.

eHarmony are a grown up site – aimed at men and women looking to find a relationship rather than a good time. It boasts an enviable reputation of finding marriages rather than heartbreak – so I am more than happy to give it a try.

Wish me luck – and maybe this year Santa will bring me something that can’t be wrapped….


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