Snooze issues: the modern problem of sleep

Let’s cut straight to the point: whether it’s us parents or our youngsters, as a society we just aren’t getting the quality sleep we need. Even if you stick to rigid, consistent bedtime routines for your children, their nooks are typically jam-packed with technology that really interfere with our sleep.

If you didn’t know, when the light from screens, such as laptops, tablets, TVs, and smartphones, enters our eyes, it interferes with the production of melatonin in the brain. Tricked into thinking it’s still daytime by blue light, when we put down our devices, we haven’t properly wound down sufficiently in preparation for quality sleep.

What’s more, thanks to social media and streaming services – Netflix, Amazon Prime, Sky Boxsets, I’m looking at you – it takes very little to persuade us to keep scrolling online, sending Tweets, or watching just one more episode.

So, what can we do about it? Create an environment that’s inviting and used primarily for sleeping. Most importantly, invest in a good quality mattress, such as the Which? Best Buy Casper original mattress.

Not only is the product the most popular in the UK – which speaks for itself, really – it provides tailored zoned support. That is, adjusts to adequately support your shoulders and hips, differently to as it would for the rest of your body. Better support, better alignment, better sleep. And that’s the aim of the game.

Adorn your sleeping are with creature comforts: plants, fluffy throws, blankets, pillows. Keep the room symmetrical where possible and keep water by the bed. Spritzing your linen with calming lavender water can help you to drift off into a settled sleep, as well.

Cut down on your use of technology in the bedroom, as well. Where possible, eliminate any televisions or devices that you may be tempted to use when you’re tucked up in bed. That includes your smartphones! Sure, it’s your alarm clock, but buy an alarm clock instead.

Seeing as we’re ditching the phone and leaving it downstairs, an analogue alarm clock is a preferable replacement, or a gradual light alarm clock for natural rising is also great.

Within weeks you’ll be sure to notice improved sleep along with all the day-to-day benefits that comes with it.

Or your money back!

Thanks to Casper for our lovely new mattress!


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