Reasons to choose live-in care over residential care

As we get older we often begin to worry about what might happen to us as we age. What will happen to our house? What will happen to our loved ones, our beloved pets, and our possessions? Many people don’t consider receiving care at home, but perhaps this should be something more of us are considering at an earlier age.

When surveyed, the vast majority of elderly people show a preference for receiving care at home rather than in a residential setting. In what ways would be having live in care be preferable and arguably better for you?

You can do things your way

You might like to sleep in. You might hate having sandwiches at lunchtime or baths on a Wednesday. You’re an individual and sometimes this can be forgotten in residential settings or by drop-in carers working to their own institutional schedule. A live-in carer can usually adapt around your needs and negotiate the best way of doing things with you rather than for you.

There’s always someone there

Loneliness has been linked to both poor mental and physical health and it’s possible to be lonely even when surrounded by people. You’re far more likely to create a positive and fulfilling relationship with one or two people that you see every day than a bank of ever-changing staff in a residential setting.

You can keep your possessions

Most of us spend a lifetime acquiring both memories and possessions. Sometimes the two go hand in hand and the things we own have sentimental value to us. The threat of losing your possessions or living in a space where they aren’t present can cause acute distress to many people. Whilst it may be possible to take some smaller items into a residential setting, having home care can ensure that you keep all of your possessions exactly where they are, for as long as you want them. This is also true of many people’s most treasured possession, the family pet.

You can stay local

Most people aren’t just emotionally attached to the things they own, they can have a strong connection to an area and a community. Remaining in your own home with live-in care means that everyone will always know where to find you. You’re going to be exactly where you were yesterday and exactly where you’ll be tomorrow. You may require a little more help around the house, but it’s still your house and the support of your friends and neighbours will continue rather than inevitably drop off if you go into a residential setting far from your original base

It might be what is best for you

Live in care is often the best choice for those people who have dementia. Familiar surroundings bring a sense of comfort and control as memories and mental-functions begin to slip away. Moving away from a home they have lived in for some time can cause a huge deterioration in wellbeing and an increase in problematic symptoms. A familiar space can make them feel safe, secure and in control.

For many people staying where they are with a bespoke home care wrap around package is about maintaining agency in their own lives, being able to make choices and hold onto both their independence and dignity.



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