What make a desk a workplace? #Mydeskstory

What make a desk a workplace? #Mydeskstory

I am a huge believer that the place you work should help you focus.

I have worked as a trainer, and run courses on focus management.  One thing I have learnt, is that if your workplace is chaotic, then your approach to work will follow a similar stream.

I try to practice what I preach.  So I have got the best style desk from Furniture At Work.

My desk is small, but more than enough for my needs.

I have it positioned perfectly, looking out onto my garden.

It makes me happy and calm, which means I can crack on with my work.

My laptop has centre stage, but I have a few decorations in sight. My plants for one. They aren’t real…. I tend to kill the living stuff, but these fellas have been helping me churn out words for a couple of years and I can’t write without them.

However my favourite desk decoration is my awesome frame!

Can you see it in the corner?

Today I am a Mermaid, tomorrow I will be a Unicorn

This was bought for me, by a close friend for my 40th birthday.

I adore it.

It reminds me, daily, that my life, my work, my path is what I choose.  I can be anyone, anything I like.  I simply just have to choose.

And I have actually been a unicorn lately…

Then everything else is kept to a bare minimum.

My printer is below my feet, with a stapler beside me to keep things in order.  My precious notebook holds all my inspiration and some flowers add a spot of beauty to the workplace.

It is simple, but effective, and most importantly – there is nothing to distract me.

Because a cluttered desk is a cluttered mind…..

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