We’re loving Weird But True 2019

If you’re anything like me, from September onwards, you’ll be constantly on the look out for some extra special surprises from Father Christmas. Of course, there’s usually all of the stuff that makes it onto the Christmas lists, but I like to send the Big FC some extra moolah for unexpected bits and bots, too.

With that in mind, I’ve only gone and found a fab gift idea for school age kids, boys or girls. Doesn’t matter which. I always love to gift a book, and the Weird But True 2019 fact book from National Geographic Kids is spot on.

When their head’s in a book, I don’t particularly pay no mind whether it’s a novel or something fun and factual. A book’s a book, and there’s plenty of research to back that one up. So, if you have a lad or a little lass who’s not really engaging with standard storytelling prose, Weird But True 2019 could well be a way into reading for you.

You see, this bulging compendium is not only loaded with reader-friendly ‘jaw-dropping, eye-popping, brain-bending facts’, as the publisher puts it, but it also features attractive, bright and bold images as well. It’s one of those that the kids pick up to flick through, and don’t put down for ages.

But what’s catching their attention? Here are three of my favourite weird but true facts from the 2019 edition:

  1. Fake it till you make it: Michelangelo is one of the greatest artists to have ever lived, but he began his career in 1496 with a marble statue he passed off as being from ancient Rome… whaaaat!
  2. Pasta: There are over 350 types of Pasta in Italy One called creste di galli – which means cockerels combs. Tasty.
  3. You’ve got weird mail: In 1890s a jar if live scorpions turned up at the Returned office in London UK. Random!

Yes, the book is brimming with nuggets of fascinating nonsense such as this, which is guaranteed to grip the attention of children. I don’t want to put an age on it, as a book can be enjoyed by anyone young and old. But, if reading independently, I’d suggest six to 106 for this one.

What annuals and books are on your children’s Christmas list this year? Are any already reserved for the stocking? There’s nothing better than a book for Christmas…



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