Teenage safety is no panic with POM

As our children grow older, into the tweenage and teenage years, they’re absolutely going to crave a little more independence. It’s natural. 100 per cent.

We did it, too… if we can remember that far back!

While the world may not be any scarier these days, as parents, we are more aware of the dangers that our children can face when out and about. Thanks to social media platforms, particularly Facebook and Twitter, we are instantly informed of the most minute local dispute or criminal activity, something which has definitely made us warier of letting our children wander the town.

Of course, this is all for good reason. We are, after all, parents, who want more than anything to protect our children. Yet, we are also conflicted, aren’t we?

We don’t want our child to be the one who isn’t allowed out, gets picked on, and hates our guts for not being cool enough to see that hanging out with mates is a number one priority. It’s what teenagers live for.

So, I suppose this calls for finding a happy medium.

We want to let our children develop into rounded teenagers, with friends, and a happy social life. But we want them to do it without them coming up face-to-face with any unavoidable adversities.

Luckily, I’ve got just the app for that.

POM is a personal safety app that doesn’t intrude too much on what your teen is doing. While making sure they’re safe, they can still maintain that all important element of personal privacy. The POM app allows you to create SafeGroups, which will likely comprise of you, your partner and your children.

Peace of mind in an app!

Once established, you can view each others’ status, agree SafeZones where you are happy for your teen to roam when they’re out and about, and receive notifications when they reach and leave the agreed SafeZones.

POM will also notify you if your teen’s phone is inactive for a set amount of time, and reveal their location in case there’s something wrong. Likewise, you can ask them to check in each hour or so to ensure their safety. If a check-in is missed, you’re notified of that, too.

Should the worst should happen – heaven forbid – the panic alarm feature can be activated by your child in an emergency situ, alerting you immediately of their exact location. Apparently, safety tips are also coming to the app real soon.

As a mum with children who are all gradually approaching an age of independence, I think POM is a nifty little app that can definitely put parents’ minds at ease. It’s available for iPhone users.

How do you try to keep your teens safe when they’re out and about with friends?


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