How to get your home Christmas ready

As the nights draw in, and all those gorgeous earthy autumn scents fill the air, as much as we may hate to accept it, the festive season is on the way.


Or don’t, in fact. It’ll be fine. Black Friday is on the way at some point mid-November, and Argos is due another 3-for-2 real soon. We’ll all be alright. Parents unite. We’ve got this.

Perhaps the more annoying thing is that Christmas isn’t just about making sure Santa’s sleigh is stocked up. As much as we might moan about the cost and the pressure, that’s the pleasant part, really. We all like to surprise our children at Christmas.

Hosting festive events, however. Not so much.

Rather. Stick. Pins. In. Eyes.

Sure, once the mulled wine is flowing and everyone’s let loose a little bit, it’s bearable. But the cooking, the cleaning – both before and after. Imagine! When else would we be mad enough to totally blitz our home only for it to be upside down again within hours. Ah, the spirit of Christmas.

So, let’s take the stress out of the Christmas season. How can we sail through the season as easily and as carefree as possible?

Give your home a lift from the bottom up.

Everyone knows that if your woodwork, skirting boards, frames and doors are clean, it will really lift your room. It’s a quick and easy way to give your home boost of brightness. If they’re past the best, consider investing in made-to-measure white or pine long skirting boards. Affordable, can be fitted by experts, and are guaranteed to tidy up the edges of your home. Party ready. A quick clean and dust after and the job’s a good ‘un.

Do some decluttering, too.

Don’t tell the elves – or the kids, for that matter – but you’ll need to have somewhere to store surprises before the 25th. If you can’t imagine where they’ll go before or after Christmas, be ruthless, donate old stuff to charity shops. Do it now and other children may well benefit from your generosity (read: clear out) this Christmastime.

And while you’re on a roll, do the same in your kitchen.

Never is there ever more food in the home than there is during December. Throw out old cans of Beef Broth and whatever else you have dated from the 90s. Organise your cupboards, and make room for the good grub that’s about to come.

If you’ve brightened the home, made space for the new stuff, and have somewhere to store the festive food… everything else will fall into place just perfectly.

Have a jolly one.


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