CoolClobber for kids

CoolClobber for kids

Nothing is as great as falling upon clothing items which feature your little ones’ favourite film, cartoon, or comic book character.

Even if you were one of those pre-natal mums who didn’t think they’d dress their kids head-to-toe in Spiderman, chances are, you soon came to your senses when it meant a stress-free morning with your sprog getting ready sharpish.

While supermarket clothing concessions – such as F&F and George – are generally good for this kind of thing, not to mention Next’s fab character range, they can be lacking in variety. What’s more, if your child’s fave face isn’t on trend right here, right now, chances are they won’t be found anywhere.

Anywhere that is, but

CoolClobber is a every parent’s dream. If you have children aged 12 or under, this site is a real life saver. Brimming with clothes featuring character branding, all the way from Paw Patrol to Harry Potter, you’ll find all those hard-to-find character items at the tap of a touchpad.

Covering all the essentials, such as football teams, avengers, and DC heroes, boys are certainly well catered for. While little girls will adore items adorned in My Little Pony, Disney Princess, and JoJo Siwa prints. All at affordable prices too.

Unlike most of our high street stores, CoolClobber isn’t restricted to tees and PJs either. You can pick up character item robes, blankets, back packs, swimwear, accessories, and even bedding sets as well. All in one place. Forget heading to Argos and then hitting Amazon up after for the rest of the set.

CoolClobber has it all. Offering free delivery over £20, free returns, and a pretty consistent 60 per cent clearance section, you can shop with confidence at CoolClobber. Basically, whether it’s a birthday, Christmas, or a doting gift for a friend’s little one, CoolClobber has your covered.

What characters can’t your children get enough of? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to check out to bag some Crimbo bargains.



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