5 Survival Tips To Move House With Kids Last Minute

Moving house is stressful enough.  But even more so when you have kids tangled around your ankles. Most house moves take around 2 months or more. This gives you plenty of time to organise the paperwork to sell your home and plan packing and moving arrangements.

But, if you need a quick house sale due to unforeseen life circumstances, you won’t have much time to plan your move. If you are in a real rush, use a service like we buy any home’ to speed up the process on your behalf. This will enable you to concentre just on packing and moving.

Talk about pressure, especially if you have small kids too. Suddenly, packing and moving presents a while different set of challenges for you. As any parent will tell you, it’s impossible to do anything with small kids and toddlers around. Also, moving house is a big change and little kids especially, can be very unsettled by the experience.

So, if you do find yourself with only weeks or days to pack up your life and move (with kids) — here’s a 5-point survival guide to get you through it.

  1. Make a Plan

With only weeks or days to pack everything, you need to try to be super organised. It’s worthwhile spending time planning an action plan beforehand.

Some things to include:

  • Map timescales and set packing goals e.g. clear loft by X date or living room by X date
  • Budget outline e.g. packing boxers, van hire, cleaning company
  • Plan childcare e.g. agree who will look after the kids and when. Confirm all bookings and dates.
  1. Don’t ignore the kids

If you have limited childcare options, accept the kids will be around. Take turns to pack with your partner or whoever else is helping you. When one packs, the other does childcare.

Small kids also love to be involved. Give them small tasks to do to keep them busy or set up toys and games. What kid doesn’t like playing with bubble wrap? Or decorate a large packing box as a car or a train and they’ll be distracted for a while.

  1. Maintain a routine

Change can be difficult and destabilising, especially for small children. This is why it’s so important to maintain a routine throughout your house move. Try to keep bedtime and mealtimes at that same time.  Also, make sure you still take the kids out to the park or their favourite playgroups. If you’re not moving too far, take them on a trip to their new neighbourhood. Also, take time to talk to them about what is happening. Be positive and excited.

  1. Look after yourself

Don’t forget about your own well-being. The more stressed and under pressure you feel, the more the kids will pick up on it. So, try to take out at least 10-20 minutes each day to yourself. Go for a walk or sit in a cafe and read a book. This will help you recharge, stay focused and be much calmer.

  1. Ask for help

This is one of those moments to cash in your favours. Ask friends and family to help you. And, if you don’t have anyone close by to do this, look around for a local handyman who can help you pack up larger items or do trips to skip on your behalf.

If you find yourself needing to sell your house fast, companies like House Buy Fast will manage all your paperwork and contracts — leaving you free to focus solely on moving forward in the next chapter of your life.





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