3 doable autumn DIY projects

It’s certainly not the spring of the home renovation seasons, but that said, autumn is a great time to do some odd bits and bobs around the home. While we can’t necessarily give our attention to our garden, it’s perfectly possibly to spruce up some things inside.

You may not have tonnes of spare time, thanks to social events, term-time demands, and Christmas commitments, but some small projects can make a real difference to your home, leaving it looking awesome when friends and family pop by more in December. That is, more awesome than it’s been looking since the kids went back to school and we lost all time and inclination to do anything around the house. You know the feeling.

  1. Brick slip tiles

If you’ve been thinking of redecorating, you can make quite the in-vogue impression with brick slip tiles. Depending on the style you choose, these open, worn, brick effect tiles create an ab fab contemporary or country design. Grey brick slip tiles placed in offices or living areas can look super sleek and city chic with exposed bulbs and slim bookcases, while soft natural bricks can be just the thing that ties a country kitchen together. Easy to fit, affordable, and bang on trend, they’re definitely a top suggestion for doable home renovations.

  1. Kitchen units

OK, so you don’t have thousands in the bank for a brand-spanking new, sparkly kitchen with all the make-life-easy gizmos and gadgets. That said, who does? And frankly, do you need to start from scratch? Fitting new sideboards and units is often enough to lift your kitchen and create a pleasant place for cooking up Christmas dinner and baking seasonal cinnamon treats. Have a search online; kitchen units can be replaced and fitted for a fraction of the cost of a whole-hog kitchen redesign. Don’t forget to match your sideboard choice with some brick slip tiles!

  1. Staircases

During winter, we’re out there in all weathers, into the dark evenings. Nothing beats coming home to a warm and welcoming entryway. It’s the first impression that invites you and your guests into your abode. Consider the design of the area, the lighting, the storage solutions. Take a look at your staircase. While it’s a big job, it’s not a difficult one for experts. Fitted right to suit the shape and style of your home, a new staircase can make for a simple but effective time-efficient autumn renovation.


What projects do you have planned this autumn? Share your DIY dreams and disasters in the comments below.


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