What to do when your family outgrows your home

When you first bought your home did you think it would suit your family for many years to come, but soon find yourself in desperate need of extra space?

It’s a common situation many families find themselves in either because they’ve decided to have more children than they initially planned, or simply because they underestimated the amount of space they’d need as their children grew.

If you’re at your wits end and in desperate need of some extra space, here are three solutions to upgrade your living situation to suit your family.


While renovations may not provide any extra space in terms of square footage, they can make a very big difference to the everyday functionality of your home.

Whether it involves reworking your existing floorplan to a more workable layout or adding some smart storage solutions which allow you to organise and hide away all the clutter, some simple renovations can make a big difference to your day-to-day life.

Small changes like some additional cabinetry in your laundry, shelving in your living room, built-in robes in the bedrooms or some additional outdoor storage could be feasible ways to find the extra space you need, without the need for more dramatic (and potentially costly) changes.


If you have a large block but a small house, an extension could be the ideal solution.

Whether you decide to add an additional bedroom or bathroom, create an open-plan living space that flows to the back yard, or go up a floor, an extension allows you to stay in the same location while tailoring your house to accommodate your lifestyle.

Extension projects do however come with some downsides. Not only will you need to get your plans approved by your local council (including overcoming any objections from your neighbours), but you will also be constrained to working with the limitations of the existing design and layout of your home.

There is also the potential that you could uncover unexpected structural or other issues during the process, which could result in potentially costly budget blowouts.


If there’s no way to make your existing home work with your current lifestyle, the other option is to move to a larger home.

If you want to continue living in the same area, it’s likely you’ll need to fork out some extra cash beyond what you can sell your current home for.

Alternatively, if you’re comfortable considering other suburbs (generally a little further out), you may be able to upgrade to a larger home for a relatively similar price. Just keep in mind that the kids may need to change schools and it could impact other aspects of your life like your daily commute to work.


If you’d prefer not to leave your current location, another option is to build a new home on your current block.

Some home builders like this one in Melbourne make rebuilding simple with fixed-price home designs, whereas if you’d prefer to go down the custom-build route, it can be a little more complex as you’ll need both an architect to draw up your designs and a builder who can bring them to life.

Whatever option you think is best for you family, you’ll be amazed how much impact a little extra space can have on your day-to-day family life!

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