Laundry and Life – Making it easier….

Where did the summer go.

It feels like forever since the kids and I were frolicking in the sea on our jollies, and the harsh reality of school, work and clubs has settled back into being the norm.


Having spent a summer coasting from one fun thing to another, the day to day reality of real life is depressing to say the least.

Suddenly I am time short on everything, after school becomes a blur of school collection, swimming drop off, gymnastics pick up and the constant feeding of three forever hungry mouths.

And don’t get me started on the washing.

Motherhood hate: laundry

Sat in the corner of the bathroom, the laundry basket is perpetually overflowing.  Stained white shirts mixed in with t shirts worn only for 10 minutes but with spaghetti sauce spilled down them nonetheless.

The washing machine has put in for early retirement due to overwork, and quite frankly I feel like doing the same.

Until I found out about a parent secret….

Better than microwave meals, quicker fix iron on tags.  I have discovered LaundryHeap – an on-demand laundry and dry cleaning service.

It is super-fast, they can collect the filthy mesh that is my children’s laundry from my home and bring it back in impeccable condition within 24 hours.

Faster than it can take my kids to do their homework.

It is pretty simple. Download the app or log onto the website, book a collection, wait for it to be picked up and then continue with the mayhem of parenting life until it returns the next day, fresh smelling and waiting to be put away.

For busy working parents, this is a great life hack that just makes a miserable job easier.  Whilst I can’t ease the taxi driving (unless you can afford a chauffeur), or the constant cooking (unless you can afford a chef), I can help you with your laundry!

Check their website here for more details and prices….

You are welcome!


Jane x



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