Inflatables, spas and going out out…..

Last year, I looked forward to my birthday with the excitement of a small child as they put out the cookies for Santa.

I turned 40 – I had spent a year ticking adventures off my bucket list, I had a party, a holiday and an all round bloody good time.

To be fair, nothing was going to live up to the fun of turning 40.  So 41 is already shaping up to be a bit of a naff actual day of my birth.

Luckily, as I have a rather epic best friend, the celebration of turning 40 plus 365 days has not gone uncelebrated.  Last weekend, albeit 10 days early, we endured and enjoyed 48 hours of fun.  Thanks to a bunch of inflatables, a few non-alcoholic cocktails and an incredible spa day – thanks to Red Letter Days.

Saturday involved a sweaty workout at the gym, with some inverted burpees, a barbell and old friends.  Then we were off on adventure, heading to a field in the middle of nowhere, where a series off inflatables obstacles had been erected for our pleasure….

Surrounded by a 10k run…

What better way to mark turning 41 than running a long ass way whilst clearing blow up toys…..

It was fun, floaty and fabulous – and we got a medal and a headband!

Happy days…

The evening was marked by going ‘out out’ and still being home and in bed for 11.

Then Sunday was truly, a day from God.

Out at the crack of sparrows, we headed up the A1 to Leeds, to a day that promised luxury, relaxation and food….

Worried we wouldn’t be able to sit still for very long, we found ourselves instantly transported into being ladies of leisure.  Ignoring the gym, we enjoyed back and cranial rubs, hours by the pool, and a light lunch which was really anything but.

It was amazing, easily arranged through the folk at Red Letter Days (thanks for the early birthday present).   The hotel was pure quality, the staff had outstanding attention to detail.

And of course, I was in the best company – ignoring the times she was gently snoring beside me.

Still clinging to my 40th year, but birthday celebrations over and done with.

Huge thanks to Red Letter Days, and of course to my Mel.


Jane x


For more detail on fabulous days out you can have with Red Letter Days, please check out their website here.  There is something for everyone, of all ages and tastes!


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