Help Your Kids With Their Homework With These Mobile Phone Apps

Technology is truly a gift for parents. It can help in a variety of ways, and it can even be the resource you need to make sure that your children can find their way around difficult and complex homework assignments. Download the right app, and you can make sure that your kids have the tools they need to complete coursework at their fingertips. Here are a few of the apps that you should consider helping them download or that you can recommend to them.

First day at school

The Free Dictionary

There are many ways that you can help your child expand their vocabulary. For instance, you could opt for a word of the day calendar. But if you want the tech treat that will help them with their English homework, you need to make sure that they have downloaded The Free Dictionary onto their phones. There are a few dictionary apps to consider, but this one provides a massive level of words, descriptions and synonyms. Ideal for English essays and assignments, they are sure to be able to impress their teachers with this handy little app. It will also help with studying because they’ll be able to quickly look up any word they don’t know.


You might have discovered that your child struggles to study up for exams. Studying can be difficult because we don’t all learn in the same way. Some of us will learn by reading the book while others will need audio materials. Typically though, flash cards have been shown to be a very effective tool for learning. With Quizlet, your child can create their own flashcards from scratch with the information they need. They’ll be able to prepare and study for any exam. The app is sophisticated but can be used on Android, and iOS so use a source like Your Phone Reviews, and you’ll be able to find a range of different models that can run it.

Khan Academy

This one isn’t just for children, but it could certainly benefit them if you have a kid who wants to expand their knowledge outside the levels of classroom teaching. Of course, this can be beneficial for academic achievements because they will have additional information on a range of topics from physics to maths. There are over one hundred and fifty thousand interactive courses to choose from on this app that can be accessed and use on the go to learn a variety of exciting topics. Using an app like this, your child can take their knowledge and indeed their learning to the next level.


If your child comes to you when they are struggling with homework, nine times out of ten it’s going to be to do with maths. Maths is the subject that most children have difficulty with. Perhaps they were taught how to solve a particular problem in class, but by the time they get home, they’ve completely forgotten the steps they need to take. Well, Photomath can help. Using the app, children can scan in different maths equations and get a step by step solution on how to solve the issue. Once you have the path through one equation or example the rest become a great deal easier.


You might find that your child is struggling with language. Some languages like Spanish are supposed to be easy to learn while others like Mandarin are incredibly difficult. However whether or not a child struggles with language will depend on how they learn and how they process information. Duolingo can help, and children can use this app to practice what they have learned in class or get ahead of their curriculum. Using this app, it’s possible for children to improve their skills in writing, reading and speaking with a number of different activities and challenges available.

The Chemical Touch

Or finally, perhaps your child is struggling with science. Science isn’t for everyone, and it can be difficult to learn all those different elements. Of course, apps always make things easier and with The Chemical Touch app, your child can have all the information they need about different elements at their fingertips. The app provides an interactive periodic table. If students want to learn more about a specific element they can simply click on it and gain all the info they need including individual properties. This could make learning chemistry a lot easier, and it’s just one of the possibilities for helping kids with their science homework.

All these apps can be found on Android and iOS stores and are available for download right now.


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