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There. It’s been said. Christmas. Let’s be honest, summer is done and dusted. Temps have dropped below 10 degrees C and we’re officially past back-to-school season. We’re basically on the 25th December countdown. And if you’re not, you should be.

After all, now is a better time than any to do Big FC a favour, and start pulling together bits and bobs for under the Christmas tree. September sales can save you a fortune on Christmas gifts. What’s more, it’s always good to get main pressies out of the way before – heaven forbid – they should sell out and leave you empty handed.

With such a strong computer game presence about at the moment. Read: nice one, Fortnite. I think that all us parents need sites like www.skates.co.uk in our lives this winter. When the weather is cold, it can slip kids’ minds how cool it is to get out and about on skateboards, swegways, scooters and the likes.

Whether they’ve got some kit on their list or not, make sure Santa surprises them with epic gifts that will tear them away from their screens. All of the stuff on skates.co.uk is great, but here are my top five suggestions of awesome adventure pressies for all ages.

  1. Skateboards

Nothing says old-school cool classic quite like a skateboard. Kids know their stuff, let’s be honest, and skates.co.uk stocks all the major brands of skateboard, including Real, Flip, and Element. If your youngster is new to the sport, check out the site’s complete skateboards section, which features loads of sizes and designs, suitable for all ages and both sexes.

  1. Swegways

Swegways or segway scooters were dubbed as the 2015 Christmas present of the year. If you have teens in your house, it’s likely that they’ve seen major celebs on a segway, from the Beckhams to Bieber. It takes some real knack to master, but once your kid’s off, they’re unstoppable. Definitely a good option for parents who are in need of a popular product to lure their child outdoors.

  1. Mini BMX

The Mini BMX is new to us Brits, but they’re going to be big! Although the name may lead to you to believe that they’re BMXes for tiny tots, this isn’t the case at all. Suitable for all children and adults of all ages, the Mini BMX is a stunt bike, great for performing jumps and tricks.

  1. Heelys

A fave for years upon years now, Heelys are a great go-to adventure gift. If you’re not in the know, Heelys are basically trainers with built in heel wheels. Skate.co.uk stock both adult and child sizes, so perhaps this could even lead to some family fun. Just be sure to select 2-wheel styles for any beginners in your clan.

  1. Scooters

It seems a little silly ranking scooters because just every child has got one, right? They’re definitely the most popular product on this list. That said, whether Santa is about to bring your little one their first scooter or you’re looking to upgrade, we can’t ignore that skate.co.uk has the best collection, including folding scooters, scissor scooters and stunt scooters, too.

Dare I ask… what’s likely to feature on your children’s Christmas list this year? And how do you plan to tear them away from the tablet or kick them off the console? Let me know in the comments below.


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