Life as it is now….

Life as it is now….

It feels like forever since I wrote anything from the heart on here.

That may be setting expectations quite high for this blog post…

I’m just going to write and see what happens….

A general catch up on life as it were.

Can’t complain really, which means I am just about to self induce a disaster of some kind in my home.  I have half a palm touching my desk, so hopefully I am protected by the power of wood.

Although, as I type this, the dog is laid at my feet with a collar of shame firmly attached to her head as she recovers from her fourth operation to remove stones from her intestines.  She turned two this week, and like all labradors, celebrated with an all you can eat buffet at the stone section of the garden.  Then, like myself after my 18th birthday, she found herself knee-deep in her own vomit with a trip to the emergency vets to assess the damage.

Her stomach and arse hurt from the vets invasive style and my wallet feels like it has been emptied like an elephant after an enema.

She also shows no sign of learning from her foolhardiness.

But the kids are healthy….


Type 1 diabetes still dominates the house, that heat wave isn’t doing the gremlin any favours.  Sugars are up and down like a brides nightie, sleep is still something I hanker after like the dog does for a nice round pebble.

But we cope.

School holidays are firmly under way.

Feck me, the kids can eat.

They drag themselves out of bed at 9, just as my working day begins, and they need breakfast.  At midday they crave lunch, and around 5pm they want tea.  The six meals they consume after that and before bed are simply referred to as snacks.

The Tesco delivery man thinks I have a crush on him – he has started wearing aftershave when he comes for his daily drop off.

They don’t sleep.

Because it is holidays….

When I call time at 9.30/10pm it is like I have cut of one of their fingers….  Cries of it is too early berate my ears; none of them notice that I am knackered and still have yet to have my 45 minutes indulgence of Orange is the New Black….

Bring back Medised I say…..    Bloody loved that drug.

I have a new hobby.


It is true.

I start everyday with a purse full of crisp notes and finish every night with a smattering of loose change.

It is a disappearance act like no other.

I may be moaning.

But it is a happy moan.

Because my life is pretty awesome really.  In my own world, the non parenting one, I am loving my fitness.  My CrossFit obsession is pretty much full blown at the moment.  The people I train with make me beam from ear to ear daily, workouts are becoming more intense and with it – more fun.  I am once again finding happiness in a barbell, and on occasion in a burpee.

With the chaos that is my world, I still have time for me, and clearly as the photo above shows – a fake tan….


Because that shit is important.

Two weeks ago a blogging friend died, expectantly, suddenly and far, far too young.  A woman so full of life at the best of times has left a legacy to embrace every moment, laugh till you cry and look for the happy.  Since my slump a couple of years ago, when smiling felt like a forced muscle, I have tried to live by this creed regardless.  Losing a friend in the prime of her life has made me more determined to smash every second of the time I have with my friends and family.

And that is it from here, an update of where we are.  Please note I have neither mentioned my love life nor my waistline – both regular features on the blog.

The waistline sits somewhere between wobble and spinach, and the love life is moving past celibacy to the stage where I keep finding male socks in the laundry basket….

Enjoy the holidays!


Jane x





  1. Jordan
    August 4, 2018 / 8:58 am

    Great to hear from you! Pleased life us treating you all well xx

  2. August 4, 2018 / 10:46 pm

    Loved this!! Love seeing your broad smile too 🙂

  3. Livvie
    August 7, 2018 / 11:46 am

    So excited about the last line! Congrats on your fitness and your new sock visitors!

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