Benefits of Boobs in CrossFit

Benefits of Boobs in CrossFit

I feel I have pulled you in under false pretenses with the title of this blog.

Because there are no real benefits.

Certainly not if your breasts are the ones you were born with and have had a couple of kids swinging off them for nutritional purposes in your lifetime.

I think this may apply to all forms of exercise, not just CrossFit, but for the purposes of continuity we will stick with it.

When I started in CrossFit, many other women looked at my chest and said “I remember when I had boobs.”  Leading me to believe that one day, my Bertha and Betty would be no more.

Four years on, and Bertha and Betty are still very much in residence, their egos slightly deflated from being crushed into a sports bra daily, and the stuffing has been knocked out of them – but they are still here….


In my head I can already hear my less endowed athletic buddies saying “chest to the floor – easy for you.”

Let me educate you.

It ain’t easy lumping two deflated sandbags up and down numerous times and trying to control them on the jump from getting too over exuberant and crashing into my chin.

Those of you with pecs for boobies – I envy you.

Those of you who have had some additional enhancements – I envy you more.

Chest to bar

Again, let me draw you back to the point above about children.

My chest ain’t where God put it anymore.  However my perception of where they are is where they should be.

Causes problems when you try to get them to connect with a rig.

For last years open for the chest to bar, I invested in a new bra, collared a buddy into hiking it up as high as possible, and approached the rig with the attitude of a woman who can lick her own nipples as her busom is that high.

For one day only chest to bar were mine.

The rest of the time, my floppy eared chest is nothing but a mere hindrance in my training to be a gymnast.

Handstand walking

Very hard to do when you are trying to see through your chest.

Handstand Press Ups

Hello black eyes….

Cleans and Snatches

“Keep a close bar path” says coach.

How, how, how, when your body is like off-road 5k hilly running track.

CrossFit Competitions Inferno Racing

Keep it too close and the barbell will end up tucked into the underwire of your bar….

No Rep!

Assault bike

Chub rub on my arms – true story….

Double Unders

It is a large chested ladies worse fecking nightmare.  Trying to avoid whipping, wetting and your wobblers wanging is a sport all in itself.


Yeah baby.

We can squat.

Say chest up and the rare breed of busty CrossFitters will look you square in the eye, grunt, and raise that chest from the floor with pride.

Squats rule the world…

There is a point to this.

Although my boobs are a hindrance in my sport, they are still awesome.  They fed all my children, still look great in a bra, and I still check them weekly for any lumps and bumps that haven’t been caused by CrossFit.

I lost two Aunts at an unacceptable age to breast cancer.

I have watched friends battle breast cancer.

I am sick of cancer.

So I am taking my love of CrossFit and using it to battle Cancer.

See some more of the reasons here: and if you can spare a pound…

Please do so.



Jane x







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