Summer Holiday Days Out: Drayton Manor

Summer Holiday Days Out: Drayton Manor

I’m going to assume you’ve landed here on a quest to fill a day or two of the six weeks summer holidays. And you’re going to be so glad you did.

Let’s cut to the chase. Drayton Manor was an absolute blast. The family loved it.

Theme park wise, Alton Towers, Flamingo Land or even Blackpool Pleasure Beach tend to crop up in the minds of northern adrenaline junkies. Yet, I would say Drayton Manor has much more to offer.

Centrally located in Tamworth, Drayton Manor is accessible, and can be enjoyed by adults and children of all ages. I headed out there with my three children and my chap. Did we know what to expect? Sort of. Theme park cum adventure land cum zoo. Did it live up to our expectations? And then some!

The issue is, when you have children of varying ages – ie. the twins and their younger sister – finding something that suits all can be a challenge. Imagination is often key. But Drayton Manor really hits the nail on the head. It really is a family theme park, with the emphasis on family.

Whether your children are yearning for a bit of independence and want to dare the drops of terrifying rollercoasters or would much rather sit with you and enjoy the calm and collected, wonder-filled world of Thomasland, Drayton Manor’s got it covered. No sweat.

The entire park has a safe, friendly vibe, and I felt comfortable with my kids gleefully running along ahead in sight. A relaxing ambience, is the term, I suppose. Which is mind-blowing for a theme park, come think of it.

As all northerners will know, food is important: Drayton Manor grub is the good stuff. We ate so well in the park. Is this even possible? It seems hotdogs and fries aren’t the only option. Who knew!

The zoo is a real treat, a highlight for all three of my children. Within the confines of the zoo, Dinoland definitely captivates a younger audience. I expect with the latest Jurassic World releases, interested older children will be immersed too. There is also a penny museum, where the girls could use real old pennies to play on genuine aged penny machines. This is really quite amazing. My kids were enthralled.

To get the most for your moolah. My advice: during the school holidays, use the ticket pre-booking service online. A family of four can visit for £80, while adults get a whopping £9.50 off the gate price by securing an online ticket.

Thinking of everything (as Drayton Manor does), expectant mothers get a fiver off online ticket prices, and £10 off adult gate prices. What legends they are at Drayton Manor, really.

If you live anywhere remotely close to Tamworth, you have to get yourselves there. And if you’re fancying a weekend away, from further afar, I’d say it’s well worth the drive. There’s definitely enough to keep everyone occupied for a couple of days.  Huge thanks to Drayton Manor for the complimentary tickets.



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