Remember when sleep was a thing? #ad

Remember when sleep was a thing? #ad

Ask any mum, heck any parent, we all know the struggle. Whether you have a new-born baby, a school-aged bubba, or a fully-fledged teen, you never quite grasp back your pre-natal trips to the land of nod.

As your life evolves, you take on new priorities. It’s true. Juggling work schedules with nursery runs, and school timetables with extra-curriculars, not to mention packing up lunches and making it on time for that deterred dentist appointment. When do you ever get a minute? Even if you think you’ve got a minute coming up, it’ll soon be filled with laundry.

You’re in bed last thing and up at the crack of dawn. Sleep sounds wonderful. Check us in to a hotel room, extra fluffy pillows, room service. Sounds irresistible. Now leave us there to sleep. On our own, preferably. Never a truer, more tantalising fantasy has ever been shared.

And the thing is, that horrible, run-down, sluggish, running on gas feeling we all live is most likely down to shoddy sleep.

We live in a world where sleep just isn’t sold to us as desirable behaviour. But not only that, it’s competing against everything that is sold to us. As natural and as essential as sleep is, we’re up against the likes of demanding work deadlines, around-the-clock streaming services, and 24-hour supermarkets.

The commercial world doesn’t want us to sleep. When we’re sleeping, they’re not making money.

Catching our 20-winks, ideally around seven to nine hours a night according to the World Health Organization, is so very important for our physical and mental wellbeing. Yet, the importance of a good night’s kip is being pushed behind blue screens and artificial lighting. No longer do we simply trust our body clocks. We’re slaves to screens, alarm clocks, and jam-packed schedules.

It really goes without saying that this needs to change. It sounds so simple, but it’s so hard. When everyone else is engaging in these behaviours, the unnatural becomes normal, and disconnecting from that way of the world can be a real challenge.

Creating a relaxing environment with a cushioning, supportive, quality mattress is key. Indulge in some comforting bedding. Take some tips from feng shui and opt for soft blue hues and greys, and ensure the bedroom door is to the bottom-left of the bed foot.

In the evening, relax before you go to bed. Take a lavender bath, read a book, engage in mindfulness. Enjoy a warm, not caffeinated, drink. Always go to bed before midnight. Ideally, by 10 o’clock.

Most importantly, you need a decent mattress.

Something you should invest in – as choose wisely and it will last you for years.

In the last month, I have been reviewing a Leesa mattress, and it is a THING OF BEAUTY.  As soon as my weary bones collapse into it of an evening, my eyes close and sleep consumes me.  Put simply it has a unique combination of performance foam layers deliver cooling bounce, contouring pressure relief and core support for amazing sleep.

I love sleeping on foam.

I didn’t expect I would, but every night when I climb between the sheets a small moan of happiness passes my lips.

My dreams have never been so good.

I’m sure we all know, the benefits of getting adequate sleep are countless. And while researchers do disagree, glossing over some tit-for-tat, there are some pretty concrete findings.

Allowing yourself sleep is investing in your health; enjoy an improved immune system, a reduced risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, depression, and some cancers, as well as enhanced concentration and memory. Sleep also helps you to keep the weight off and stress at bay. You may even see your libido soar – lucky you.

So, sleep. Let’s do it. And to give you a leg up into the land of nod, here’s £100 off a Leesa Mattress. Just quote offer code NORTHERNMUM.


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