Perfect end of term gifting for girls

Before a flurry of parents hit social media to slate the school holidays, planning petitions to abolish them altogether. Can we just, for a moment, bask in the beauty of the break from the school timetable.

I know, it is undeniably handy for us working parents. School holidays can cost a fortune in childcare. But, isn’t it just wonderful to not have to embark on the daily school runs? Isn’t it lovely to make lunch at lunchtime, rather than pulling together a pack-up at the crack of dawn?

We can longingly live for those planned periods of annual leave, when we can spend quality time dragging our youngsters away from screens and spending time together as a family.

There’s also a distinct lack of letters to trawl through every evening. In fact, one of the last school bits of literature is likely to be your child’s school report.

How did they do? What do you think of reports? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

While I know academic reports are quite general, I do like to receive the annual update of how my youngsters have progressed. I’m always pleased and proud. Which, you know, calls for a treat. One in addition to all the aforementioned fun stuff you’ve got planned for the summer holiday.

A token is perhaps enough for a school report. A trip to the toy shop, a book store, maybe an evening meal somewhere of their choice. Sometimes, however, a gift needs to say something a little more. A keepsake that can be treasured forever as a reminder of a period of time or a special occasion.

This is especially true for children seeing the end of their first year at Primary school, finishing KS1, or those who have suffered through SATS, completing Primary, facing the big wide world of Secondary education.

So, what to get for those magnificent milestones?

Well, as you know, I have girls, and I am a – somewhat new – huge, huge fan of Molly Brown jewellers of London.

Specialising in jewellery for children of all ages, from babies to our not-so-terrible teens, Molly Brown is the ideal supplier of your little girl’s first piece of jewellery. My daughter has the My First Diamond Kiss necklace, which is simply stunning, a classic piece that I know she will wear for years to come.

Molly Brown’s exclusive kiss design is set with a 1 pt diamond. It’s definitely a ‘grown up’ piece, after all, it’s the real thing. I think it’s absolutely spot on for a special occasion gift. As time moves on, perhaps as she starts high school or when another occasion occurs, Molly Brown also supplies matching earrings and bracelets. Absolutely beautiful.

You can also find a stunning selection of christening gifts, and baby shower presents.

What did you gift your little girl or boy? Let me know!



Thanks to Molly Brown for our beautiful end of term gift.


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  1. July 31, 2018 / 11:42 am

    Aww! What a lovely gift…Perfect as an end of school treat. Your girl looks very happy with it x

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