My Self Care: Ways to make life with Diabetes easier

My Self Care: Ways to make life with Diabetes easier

I have written before about how living with a chronic condition in the family can be exhausting.  However, it is far easier to manage my daughters type one in 2018, than it would have been in 1998, and before that.  Advances in technology have made control of Type 1 diabetes in my home far simpler, coupled with revolutionary changes in treatment.

Children with type 1 diabetes

Over the last few weeks we have been trialing a new product on the market.  One that promises to allow easier management of diabetes, by being able to share blood sugar information easily across medical teams and family members.

MySelfCare iHealth Glucometer.

The iHealth Glucometer is an home health monitoring devices  which allows you to monitor your diabetes and share your blood sugars.  It has a cracking alerting facility, so when my Type 1 daughter takes a reading – I can be instantly notified and see those numbers.

It is peace of mind in an app.  Ideal for those who want to support their loved ones whilst not constantly badgering them with questions pertaining to their condition.

This short video gives a fantastic understanding of how it works and the benefit to a family!

Put simply, every time a reading is taken on the Glucometer, an email is then sent to alert anyone who has been chosen to help manage the condition (no one should try and manage a chronic condition alone). All blood sugar readings are stored securely in the MySelfCare cloud and can be viewed online anywhere, at any time.  You can download and print, if like me, you like to annotate and work out mathematical calculations Einstein would be proud of in an attempt to achieve stable blood sugars.

This funky Gluco Monitoring System can minimalise the stress of remembering to write down and track your blood sugars.   I have relatives with Type 2 in the family – who rely on an old school pen and paper to record their numbers.  This is the PERFECT tool for them (and their families).

You will be relived to know it is a doddle to set up as well – even a technophobe like me will sail through the set up with ease!

It is an online digital book that allows you to see trends and make changes accordingly.  The app is full of detailed support and information on Diabetes – both Type 1 and Type 2 – helping you feel more in control.

In my house, we are really lucky to have NHS support for my daughter diabetic care, and we are funded for a CGM and insulin pump.  This remote way of monitoring blood sugars is a great alternative to those who are not as fortunate, which accounts for more than 70% of the diabetic population in the UK.

The Cost

Of course there is a cost involved.  However Myselfcare have worked pretty hard to keep their costs low.  The meter costs around £59.99 as an initial cost outlay and the test strips are £12.95 for 50.  

When you order the meter, you also get….

  • iHealth Smart Gluco Monitoring System
  • Owner’s Guide
  • Lancing Device
  • Clear Cap for Lancing Device
  • (10) Lancets
  • USB Cable for Charging
  • Carrying Case
  • Start Guide

Want to know more?

Head over to the Myselfcare website for a more detailed understanding or drop any questions in the comment box below.

Peace of mind in an app – making life easier!


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