Mission accomplished: real boob-worthy bras discovered

Mission accomplished: real boob-worthy bras discovered

Given that our area of the blogosphere is occupied by quite a strong standing of us mums, we don’t seem to talk much about our boobs. We’ve all got them, right? And, sure, we’re often proactively involved in breast cancer campaigns, raising awareness for lumps and bumps, and that’s brilliant.

But chest-talk should necessarily be restricted to health issues, should it?

Now, I’m not talking about the tired breast vs bottle discussion. We’ve all been there. We’ve all, more than likely, written the blog post. We’ve all certainly got the troll-riddled comments to prove it. No, I’m talking mum-to-mum, woman-to-woman, a good old bra shopping chinwag.

Hints and tips, maybe a glimpse. It’s all good!

And no, not maternity bras this time. Get your head out of mum mode; let’s just us enjoy a blog celebrating something super stylish and sexy for our perky – perhaps, not so perky – mammary mates.

Bra shopping can sure be a chore. Whenever I have a date in mind for The Big Bra Shop, I have to schedule out an entire day. Then I have to take myself to the largest shopping centre, one where there will be in excess of five underwear shops. At least. And even then, I might walk home empty handed.

Someone tell me how and why it is possible to be four different sizes in two different shops. The mind boggles.

I know I’m not the only one. Whenever the subject of bras does rear its head, the chances are no one has bra shopping nailed down. It does get particularly harder post-children, too. As if you suddenly have an abundance of spare time to figure out how to haul your boobs up from your waistline.

Surely, Mother Nature got *that* the wrong way around.

Never fear. I’m here to tell you about Playtex Bras. I don’t mean to be sentimental, but they are honestly everything I’ve ever wanted in a bra. It almost brings tears to my eyes.

Made for real women, not mannequins, Playtex bras are simply lovely. They’re a pleasure to wear, and that really is saying something. To illustrate, I used to spend my days living for the moment when I stepped in the front door and whipped my bra off through my t-shirt sleeve. No more, ladies. No more.

Whether you prefer lace styles, t-shirt bras, whatever cup cut is your bff, Playtex is all about comfort. Yet, unlike other designers, this doesn’t mean sacrificing the sexy. While we all have our fave comfy boulder holder sitting pride of place in the underwear drawer, Playtex somehow manages to merge the two.

What a win.

Ditch that stressful Big Bra Shop. Follow the Playtex size guide online. That’s my advice. You won’t be disappointed. Game changer.

The Bordeaux Flower Elegance range is available at JDWilliams.co.uk, Very.co.uk and Littlewoods.com


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