Smashing the 5-a-day struggle

Smashing the 5-a-day struggle

We all know eating up our fruit and vegetables is important. But do we really know why?

Eating clean, natural produce, ensures we get enough of the good stuff. You know, vitamins, minerals and fibres, which all keep the body skipping along nicely. That is, of course, while simultaneously protecting us against rotten diseases, including cancer and heart disease.

Sounds perfect.

Yet, it’s so bloomin’ hard. Getting in five-a-day in this fast-paced, ridiculously hectic world, can sometimes be impossible. And if it’s hard for us adults, it’s gonna be tough on the tots too.

It’s somewhat easier in summer. When temperatures are soaring, fruits such as melon, grapes, and strawberries make for an appealing, novel, alternative tea. But that can’t be the case every day of the week.

Let’s be honest, as soon as the sun shines, slushies, ice-creams, and weekend barbeques are on the cards too. I guess health-ier eating in the summer is somewhat of a fallacy.

Now, not all children hate rainbow food. It’s floating around the grapevine that some delightful DSs and DDs will gladly chomp away at apples over Haribos, and hoover up their Sunday lunch greens. How wonderful, really.

But outside of the house, hitting the recommended five fruit and veg a day can be a challenge. Sure, pack some fruit for their mid-morning snack, but you are relying on school to hit the mark with their cost-efficient dinners. The news is in… often, they don’t quite make the cut.

Throw in a few after school clubs, some parents evenings, late meetings, and you’re soon living in a world of quick teas. You’re oven cooking pizzas, dishing up beans on toast, and hitting the drive-thru. It’s OK, we all live it.

Adding in daily vitamins is a great way to give children’s immune systems a much-needed boost. But rather, incorporating a healthy drinks supplement for the whole family is even better. Say hello to NutriDyn Fruit and Greens.


These daily drinks are a godsend.

Simply put, they are a daily drink formula, filled to brimming with nutrient-rich superfood. So, what’s in it? Well, that’s even better. Absolutely nothing bad at all. No added sugar, no wheat, no preservatives. They’re gluten-free too. And there’s definitely no sign of caffeine or any other stimulants for that matter.

These drinks are a blend of 100% natural fruit and vegetable extracts, vitamins, antioxidants, and more scientific fancy good stuff. The symbiotic intestinal flora (oh, yes) also works wonders for us grown-ups with irritable tums, keeping the stomach feeling contented as well through maintaining the body’s natural pH balance.

For children who just aren’t into fruits or veggies? Never fear, NutriDyn has it covered with peppermint chocolate and chocolate drinks options. A fabulous idea for children, and parents, who really struggle to stomach plant-based produce. Just add them to the huge list of flavours NutriDyn offer: berry, pink lemonade, grape, mint, strawberry and kiwi.

Check NutriDyn out. Give it a try now when summer fruits are in vogue, and protect your family from the oncoming autumn bugs. So sorry to mention autumn, but, life happens.


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