Living Your Best Life: What Changes Do You Want To Make?

If you’ve got social media accounts, it’s highly likely that you’ve stumbled across the ‘living your best life’ hashtag. While hashtags can be a little cringy, especially for older surfers, there’s a lot to be said about anything that makes you think about how you can improve your life and take more out of each and every day. Of course, life isn’t always rosy, but there’s nothing wrong with setting a few goals in pursuit of happiness. If you could write a list of changes you’d like to make, what would be on it? Here are some ideas that might give you inspiration.

Move more

Doctors say that if exercise was available in tablet form, everyone would take it on a daily basis. You may roll your eyes at people who post gym selfies, but you don’t have to be a lycra-covered warrior to benefit from physical activity. Making an effort to walk more, going out for a bike ride, visiting the pool a few times a week and running around in the back garden with the kids will all benefit you. Exercise reduces your risk of potentially fatal illnesses such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and strokes, but it also works wonders for your mental health. It can help you combat stress, ease anxiety and lower your risk of depression. If you’re a self-confessed couch potato, why not make it your mission to get moving more, and see if you notice a positive difference? Here are some simple ways to introduce physical activity to your day to day routine

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Tackle bad habits and understand dependency

Do you have bad habits that you know have a negative impact on your health or happiness? Do you know deep down that you drink too much, and if push came to shove, you’d struggle to survive without a drink? There’s a difference between doing something on a regular basis and having an addiction or a dependency. If you enjoy a drink, that’s fine, but if you get to the stage where you turn to alcohol to cope, or your mind is constantly focused on the next drink, it’s wise to approach facilities like for help. Be honest with yourself, and if you know you would benefit from giving something up or seeking professional help for a problem that has spiralled out of control, be brave and take that first step.

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Connect with others

When was the last time you spent time with friends and family? Today, it’s easier than ever before to get in touch with people, but statistics show that we’re lonelier than ever. Online relationships may be easy and convenient, but they’re not always fulfilling. Humans are sociable animals, and we thrive on contact and affection. Don’t leave the real world behind because you’ve got a group chat going or you like somebody’s photos on a daily basis. Make the effort to spend time with those closest to you and make memories together.

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Today, we’re encouraged to live our best lives, but what does that mean to you? What do you want out of life, and how you can you work towards achieving those goals?


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