How to Incorporate Photography Into Interior Design

When it comes to interior design there are two types of trends: those that come and go according to the season and those that are timelessly classic.  One decoration that will never go out of fashion is the photograph which holds as much sentimental value as it is functional.

Nowadays it doesn’t require as much skill to take a super shot.  You need decent lightsso invest in some good lamps, or wall lights.  Get a good camera, or a spiffing iphone and go snap happy!

Whether you are capturing special moments of loved ones, beautiful scenes and settings, photographs deserve to be showed off no matter if you are a professional or amateur.  Put a fun twist on the usual photo frame and incorporate photography into your home with these creative ideas…

Fridge Magnets

Where once the fridge was a space reserved for paintings and A grades, now more and more people are choosing to decorate their fridges with magnets.  And not any old magnets, magnets adorned with photos of friends and family.  DIY your own magnets with photographs, cardboard and magnet strips or use one of the many stores which allow you transfer your Instagram photos on to stylish magnets.

photography interior design


Whilst you can have photos printed on cushions, duvets and blankets professionally, it is usually a lot cheaper to do it yourself.  Plus, it’s a fun activity for all the family.  Transfer photographs on to iron-on transfer paper and leave to dry.  Then, simply iron on to your cushion covers and voila.  These are great for personalising your living area and can also make cute gifts for friends.


This is a cute idea and one that all the family can get involved with.  Print family photos on to personalised mugs to add a personal touch to your kitchen and lift spirits in the morning.  You don’t just have to use family photos either, why not choose a photograph of some beautiful scenery or location from past holidays.  They are extremely easy to have made and there are usually plenty of choices so you can get creative with your personalised mugs.  Get one from an online store and it can be on your doorstep within days.


With the advances in technology, many people are choosing to rely on mobile phones, laptops and apps for event reminders.  But still, calendars are a nice throwback to the days when we would circle dates with bright red pens.  Why not make your own custom calendars with old photographs to showcase your best snaps?  These are relatively easy to do at home.  Alternatively, get them printed professionally by one of the many online stores which now offer the service.  They make a great gift too.


This is one that may be new to most of you.  Some companies now offer their services to create custom photo wallpaper which is fantastic for budding and professional photographers.  What better way to show off your skills than on your own walls?  The effect can be extremely dramatic and one which will have guest smiling from ear to ear.

Handmade Photo Frames

Handmade photo frames are an easy way to add a personal touch to the home.  Make collages from old baby photos to have the kids cringing or even gift them to friends.  They add a burst of colour to the walls of your home and are cheap and easy to make too.

How else have you incorporated photographs into your interior design?


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