Off the Beaten Track: The Picardy Region

Off the Beaten Track:  The Picardy Region

Have you ever visited the Picardy region?  A beautiful part of France and a great place to visit to get away from it all. 

You can bundle the kids into the car, drive through Britain and into France and go see some beautiful sights.  A great trip for those who love their cars, and enjoy a scenic drive through different countries.


Image of Catherdral Basilica of Our Lady of Amiens, Picardy, France

Above you can see an image from the stunning canal town of Amiens, just one of the beautiful places you can choose for a short break.

The Picardy Regional Tourism committee have created a new way for would be visitors to the region to pick and choose between lots of short break ideas throughout the region from the historic Somme Bay, to royal Chantilly and Compiegne, right through to the WW1 memorials.  Google and see what treats there are to be had.


Image courtsey of Shutterstock

Plus, there are many other ideas for adventures off the beaten track, all based in our own beautiful country!    The walkers amongst us may want to head up the Lakes for some views and exercise.

Check out this handy infograghic for some cracking ideas of how to get out and about.

Travel Safe

There are not many things in life that – if you do them correctly – can save you money as well as enhancing your safety. Most safety devices and measures cost money, but when it comes to the tyres of your van, motorbike or car, maintaining your tyres will lower your expenditure over time rather than increase it. Of course, new tyres themselves do cost money – that would be impossible to deny – but choosing the right ones and looking after them properly will mean that any initial outlay is worth it in the long run.

Why Tyres in Poor Condition Cost Money

Under-inflated tyres are one of the commonest reasons that tyre experts, like tyreplus see drivers throwing their money away. If you don’t pump your tyres up to the specification set by your car’s manufacturer, then you are spending more for every single mile that you drive. Under inflation of your car’s tyres can occur for all sorts of reasons. Bumping up and down curbs as well as coming into contact with the occasional pothole will knock air out of the tyres. Just driving around for a few thousand miles on normal roads will lead to some drop in the air pressure.


As most drivers know, the energy from a vehicle’s engine is transferred into forward momentum through the car’s tyres. Tyres that have a lower pressure spread out on the road surface somewhat meaning that additional energy is required to get the car moving and to keep it at a given speed. Conversely, correctly pumped tyres require less energy to get you going. All of this means that you end up spending more in fuel costs if you neglect your tyres and allow their pressure to drop.

Why Tyres in Poor Condition Are Not Safe

Tyres that do not have the correct air pressure mean that you car’s brakes won’t work as well, either. Under-inflation of tyres will also mean that your ability to corner at speed is reduced. You simply have to take corners slower or you will be liable to skid and even spin off the road. On the other hand, over-inflated tyres also cause a problem for safety. With tyres that have too much air pressure, you are more likely to suffer a blowout which can be extremely difficult to control.

Bulges and cracks in tyres occur as they age. If yours are driven on with these problems, you may not be street legal or safe. Most motorists know that tread cannot be worn down beyond a certain level, but rarely check their tyres for problems. If you do check your tread, then ensure that you inspect the grooves all over the tyre, around the entire circumference – and don’t forget the portion of the tyre that is in contact with the road. You need to roll your car back a little to get a clear view of the entire tyre.

You want your travels to be fun, safe and economical!


Happy adventuring!




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