Dear Cancer…..

Dear Cancer…..

We are four, forty something year old women.

In our chosen sport, we are called Masters….

In our peer groups, we are called friends, mums, or the mad dog lady.

We met only last year, two pairs who quickly discovered we were actually meant to be a foursome.

what doesnt kill you makes you stronger

And then a plan formed.

You see, we are at an age where we have watched friends battle you, seen loved ones die at your hand.  We have checked our breasts, had them squashed in a machine to ensure you aren’t living in our body.   We go for smears, we take the vitamins, we try not to be one of the unlucky ones.

We cry when friends are diagnosed, and we shout at the injustice of the condition.

And we burpee, and we lift weights, and we pretend to be gymnasts.

In October, we are going to do it together, in a team of four, where we will be part of an event designed to battle you.


With a combined age of over 170 we will compete against many half our age.  Just because we can.

We will train harder than before and compete stronger.

Just because we can,

And because we want to raise money.

Money for a cure, money for research, money to battle cancer!

Because we are sick of you in our life.

We are splitting the money over several cancer charities close to our hearts.  But all money can be donated via this money pot and then split between Bowel Cancer UK, Weston Park Hospital,  Macmillian and the Willows Foundation.

Cancer, we are doing something to try and stop you.

Friends and families – please donate – even a pound can help?

And Cancer, because we can laugh in the face of adveristy. Because no matter how hard you attack us, we will continue to fight, we pledge that the moment we raise over £650 we will do one of the workouts in Unicorn Leotards.

Because we can!


Simone, Jo, Jane & Mel.




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