Adventures with Inflatable Chairs

Adventures with Inflatable Chairs

Sometimes being on my own with three children means I often resemble a pack horse.

Laden down with bags, food, blankets, bikes, scooters.

A day out can often be a workout for me….

I am always looking for funky, easy ways to make that burden lighter.

Guess what?

I’ve just found one!


Beautiful aren’t they!

Let me explain.

Currently I own a grown up version.

It is fabulous.  Comes in a teeny bag, I just get it out when I get to the beach, let it get some air inside and then voila, I have a seat for my bottom.

For all of five seconds until a child claims it as their own!

But a solution to this has been placed on the marketplace…

Because the clever folks at Trono have designed an inflatable chair – just for kids!

It inflates in seconds – just by catching the air.

Slips back into an even smaller bag when you have finished with it.

It can come to the beach, the park, or even just relax with your small person in their room!

The chairs are currently brand new on the marketplace.  A kickstarter campaign has been running to raise funds and awareness, there is still two days left to get involved!!!!

Let me just confirm.

It is a chair – that lives in a tiny bag – ONE THE KIDS CAN CARRY THEMSELVES.

It doesn’t need a pump – just fresh air.

It goes back in the bag, and the kids can carry it home!

What is not to love?

See more here…..

I cannot wait for the kids to get theirs!

We will show you more about our adventures as soon as they arrive!







  1. May 15, 2018 / 10:22 pm

    They look very cool!

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