Biggest Broadway Flops

When it comes to Broadway trivia, many people are interested in the longest-running productions or the highest-grossing performances. Though it’s amazing that “The Phantom of the Opera” has been performed over 12,000 times and that “The Lion King” has grossed nearly $1.5 billion in its lifetime, there’s also a darker side to Broadway trivia. Many productions are smash hits, but others aren’t so lucky. Check out this quick overview of some notable musical flops, and read through the infographic below for more fun facts.

Did you know that in 1966, producers and directors were busy putting together a musical adaptation of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”? Though the musical was previewed four times, the show never premiered. Despite promising advanced ticket sales, the production was canceled and never performed. “Carrie: The Musical” is another adaptation that didn’t fare well. This musical, based on the book by Stephen King, was performed five times in 1988. But unlike the book and movie, this production was not profitable. The show lost about $8 million.

Of course, even original works created specifically for Broadway aren’t immune to hard losses. “Kelly,” which premiered in 1965 but wasn’t performed again, lost about $650,000. This was despite the fact that legendary writer, actor, and director Mel Brooks helped with the script. “Into the Light” (1986) and “Via Galactica” (1972) are two other productions that seriously let down their investors. Read on for more trivia about Broadway’s biggest flops throughout history and a closer look at what went wrong with these musicals.



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