Best Family Cruise Destinations for a Summer Holiday in 2018

We’re now into April, which hopefully means the start of better weather. With the hope of warmer day, you may now be thinking about the summer, which means planning that all-important family holiday.

A quick look online will reveal thousands of options from dozens of operators, which can make it hard to choose. This is where a family cruise is a great idea, as you don’t have to select just one destination.

With that in mind, here are some of the best cruise options for families in 2018.


Greece is known for providing a family-friendly holiday. It has something for every type of family, whether you enjoy being active and trying new water sports, like to unwind on the beach, or want to explore culture and history.

The only problem with Greece is that there are so many islands and locations – more than 200, to be exact. So how do you select just one for your week-long holiday? You could flip or coin, but a cruise may be the better choice. That way, you can visit Mykonos, Rhodes, Crete, Athens and Corfu, so no two days of your holiday will be the same.


Maybe you’re looking for more of a laid back and peaceful family holiday. If that’s the case, then how about the Bahamas? With white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, palm trees and glorious sunshine, it’s the ultimate location for relaxation.

You can hop off the ship at various ports, snorkel in the clear waters, enjoy family days on the beach, try delicious local dishes, or if you’d like to do something a little different, you can even swim with pigs!


If your family loves nothing more than spending time outside, going on hikes and visiting scenic sites, then Norway could be perfect. With rugged landscapes, lush greenery, and breath-taking views, it’s a great choice for families in search of an alternative summer holiday.

Your cruise will sail through fjords, provide the opportunity to see magnificent waterfalls, allow you to hike along sea-view cliffs, explore forests, and see amazing wildlife. Plus, you can also visit cities, like Bergen, Oslo and Trondheim.


A family cruise can be a great experience. You can explore a huge range of places all from the comfort of your cabin, without having to board extra flights or embark on long drives. Just make sure to plan and pack well, to get the most out of your Bolsover cruise.

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  1. April 13, 2018 / 7:49 am

    Greece should be a good place for me to go too.

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