What makes you happy?

What makes you happy?

The older I get, the more life seems to fall into perspective and the more I have acceptance of what I want and what truly makes me happy.

It is a far cry from my youth, where I thought a decent job with strong career prospects, a fast car, a big house, a corporate husband, two kids and a Labrador were my aims.

The only thing I have achieved on that list is the Labrador, and she is more than enough happiness for me.

Because the older I get, the more I realise that “things” don’t make you smile.

People do, families do, random acts of kindness, gifts from the heart.

Being satisfied with what you have and who you are is the key to being content.

At 40 years and six months old, I have all I need.

A job that allows me to be at home with my kids.

A family that make me beam with pride at how they are growing up, despite the challenges they have faced.

A group of friends based all other the world who I can rely on for everything.

I have a car and a house.

That is enough for me.

Life is very, very, short.  I plan to carry on as I am.  Working hard to keep a roof over our head, but not sweating the small stuff.  Taking holidays where we can, loving hard and living every second.

Tomorrow is the International Day of Happiness.  I was reminded of this by Hallmark , who sent me a beautiful gift box of items to help on my happiness journey.

My daughter has stolen the Happiness Planner.  As the teen years approach, and puberty kicks in, her path to happiness is still one she is working on.

Plus she loves writing!

On Tuesday we are going to quickly write down what makes us happy, just as a reminder, and then pop those moments into a jar – to pull out whenever we need to read them.

We also have a fabulous collection of cards to send to friends, to put a bit of sunshine in their day.

Because happiness shouldn’t be an aim, it should be a state of mind.

What makes you happy?


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