Motherhood hates: Laundry

Motherhood hates: Laundry

I feel like I live in a laundrette.

I feel like I do the washing of a thousand families.

Sundays are always ruined by the ironing.

Motherhood hate: laundry

Laundry – is my motherhood hate!

I have children who simply look at an item of clothing and deem it filthy and toss it to the wash.

They each wear a shirt a day, so that is fifteen a week.

Plus my own CrossFit habit which means I have a gym kit that needs attention daily.

To say we are dominated by laundry is an understatement.

If I don’t do at least a wash a day – the house begins to overflow with mucky pants and uniforms.

It makes me hate being a grown up.

However there is a cure….

Let me introduce you to Laundryheap.

Laundryheap provides ‘on-demand’ laundry, dry-cleaning and ironing services throughout the whole of London, Birmingham, Coventry, Manchester, Dublin and Dubai.

Sounds decadent.

No let’s be honest, it sounds bloody lovely,

As a freelancer, I would rather be working that doing the washing, so I am thrilled I have found someone to come and take mine away.  Plus my front room will become a lounge again rather than Dot Cottons haven.

Laundryheap is super simple to use.

Simply book a pick up time, this can include late evenings and weekends.

Wave your clothes goodbye as someone takes them away with the plan of cleaning them.

They separate by color or wash them mixed, depending on what you requested.

Once it’s done, they pack the clothes in a bag for you.

If you want your clothes ironing or dry cleaning, your clothes come conveniently hanged in one of their custom made bags, or folded if you prefer.

Then they bring them home – in a far better state than when they left!

All within 24 hours!

Blooming genius!

Prices can be found here.

For me, someone doing the laundry is priceless!

I just need to train the kids to put it away!!!!


The post was written in conjunction with Laundryheap (my new favourite people), you can download the app on Google Play Store: or Apple App store:






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