Getting kids on the road…. Young Drivers Review

Getting kids on the road…. Young Drivers Review

It is rare that I am right in the eyes of my children.

But last Sunday, this was the conversation that rang out in the back of my car…

Mum is right, it is hard.

Did you find the biting point?

I did, but it was proper hard to keep it and not stall

I know, I’m shattered after concentrating so hard.

It was proper fun though!

Yeah, best thing ever.


Ladies and gentleman I managed to give my kids an amazing experience, and prove myself right in the process!

I sent my two twelve-year olds to a Young Driver lesson.  Where they learnt what it was like to get behind the wheel, in a safe, controlled, environment.

For once, they got to take to the road (car park), and I got to sit back and drink a cup of tea as they learnt the skills of reversing, gear changes and cornering.

Their verdict?


The ideology behind YOUNG DRIVER™ is that they look to make safety fun.   I don’t want my kids to turn 17 and be stupid on the road.  I want them to be safe drivers in the future, and they want to learn now – so getting them a series of lessons when they are still “little” is a perfect idea!

I knew the kids would be in safe hands as they have delivered over 500,000 lessons since 2009.   As expected the kids instructors were patient, confident in the kids abilities and were great with Molly’s diabetes.  YOUNG DRIVER™ is fully inclusive. They cater for a wide range of physical and mental disabilities and have automatic cars with hand controls for wheelchair users at selected sites.

It was an experience of a lifetime, and one they are hoping to repeat.  You can continue learning more skills at each lesson, so I get the feeling this is going to be a regular occurence.

Plus is, the moment they turn 17 – it must surely be their turn to drive!

Find out more about YOUNG DRIVER™ on their website.

Lessons are priced as follows:

60 minutes          £67.95
30 minutes          £36.45


Thanks to the guys for letting us come along and have a spin!



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