Money Saving: 31 days Sober Challenge

Money Saving: 31 days Sober Challenge

So yesterday marked 31 days without a drop of any of my friends.  Pinot is getting dusty on the wine rack, Gin is firmly on the shelf in the Co-op, Prosecco has been painfully absent and the only thing vaguely resembling alcohol in my fridge is a box of Becks Blu that my mum kindly donated to the sober cause.

I have several reasons for completing this challenge…

  1. Dry January is the perfect (and only) start to my 2018 sober challenge.
  2. I was challenged by Scottish Friendly to see how I could save money this month, and gosh darn it, giving up the booze helps.
  3. Improvement in CrossFit performance.

31 Days in: The Highs so far.


I have set up a little piggy bank to realistically see how many I would have saved this month by not drinking.

Ready for some Maths….

I reckon on a weekly basis I would have got through at least 4 bottles of wine (and although it scares me – I may being conservative.  I am partial to a glass of Prosecco, and a bottle comes in around £7.50 (well, the one I like does.)

16 bottles over 4 week period is £120

Then the extras,

It was the twin’s birthday this month, so clearly as their mother I would need to celebrate…  in previous years that would have been an extra two bottles.

We had a fab meal at home with La Belle Assisette this month, I did buy my guests a bottle of wine, had I been drinking – I would have bought three.

That brings us to £157.50.

That is just drinking in the home….

On an average month, I reckon I probably go ‘out, out’ once, lets be honest – it is an easy £50 gone (and that is not including the Chinese takeaway afterwards!).

Plus there is the odd one that I nip out for with a friend, at least once a week.  When I say one, lets be honest – I mean two!

At a fiver a glass, it isn’t a cheap habit…

That brings us to a grand total of £197.50

Flipping eck.

That is a lot of dosh, for what is known as a quiet month.

If I manage to finish the year, it will be a minimum saving of £2400.

That’s a holiday! Or a massive add into my pension fund…..

Then there are the other benefits…

Sleep – it is heavenly, without alcohol flowing though your system, sleeping is incredible.

Because I am not toying with the idea of another glass – I find myself happily tucked by by 10, and then leaping out of bed at 6.30 to start the day.

CrossFit:  I no longer feel like death when I work out….


No lingering headache, no slow start to the morning, no need to kick start my morning with caffeine, I am just up, and raring.

Sometimes I irritate myself.

My skin

It is less dry, I didn’t even know this was a side effect of the alcohol, but my skin looks fresher, and dare I say – more youthful….

My temper….

Now the wine weasel no longer calls my name from the fridge at 6pm, I find that my need to bundle the kids up into bed and have my ‘me and Pinot’ time far less pressing.  I don’t need to take the edge of the day, I can relax with the kids rather than a liquid.

God help me, I shout less and laugh more, I think I may be turning into a better mum……

31 days…

My piggy bank is bursting, my health levels soaring, and my mood singing….

365 days – I am coming for you….


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