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There’s nothing better, after a long hard day at work, than coming home to your very own escape. Whether you’re sat in your snug or winding down in your open plan living area, your individual style fits your personality. But what does your style look like? Are you a minimalist or a traditionalist?

Discover the various home styles around to find your style, or if you’re feeling adventurous, try something new and transform your home.


The minimalist look is all about creating space and allowing for freedom in your home. This involves decluttering and removing unused items, keeping only items you really need. Surfaces and cupboards should be clear. Items that you don’t want to throw away could be stored in another space or a garage.

The key to the minimalist look is light, using bright colours like white creates illusions of space, making any room feel bigger. To commit to the minimalist look you must be strict, keep organised and don’t let items build up. Everything should remain in its place.


If your taste is more luxurious and glamourous then the luxe style will suit you. A look that many believe will be expensive to create, the trick to getting this look without breaking the bank is to incorporate the right aspects.

Metals such as silver and gold are used to create this look, along with the addition of crushed velvet, however use crushed velvet sparingly in throws placed across your bedding. Take a look at luxury bedding from Julian Charles.


A relatively new look to hit the interior design world, the industrial look is ideal for those who like to use natural materials such as wood, copper, brick and brass.

To get this look incorporate these natural materials throughout your home. Rustic woods and exposed brick is a popular combination to create this look. When it comes to lighting, strip it back to the bare essentials; lightbulbs, pendants and lightbulbs in metal cages add to the character of this look.

French Country

Also known as shabby-chic, the typical French look involves white painted furniture, distressed or sanded to look old and shabby.

Many people generate this look through the use of upcycling furniture to create a shabby-chic effect, not only will upcycling your furniture help you to achieve this look in your own unique way. By utilising furniture from car-boot sales or charity shops will ensure you can complete this look on a budget.

So, what’s your home style? Share your #MyInteriorStyling story with us.


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