Entertaining at home with La Belle Assiette

Entertaining at home with La Belle Assiette

Cooking is something that I used to take pleasure in, but since becoming single I take very little care in.  My desire for sumptuous food is crushed by my dislike of cooking for one.  The kids palates are not yet refined enough to eat some of the meals I used to knock out, and my new home – as beautiful as it is – does not encourage dinner parties, owing to its teeny-weeny size.

When I was married, we used to host dinners frequently.  The closest I come to that is inviting my best friend Mel round and heating up something I cooked a while ago and that has been chilling on the freezer ever since.

But I miss it.

Not the actual cooking, or the cleaning up, but the sitting in my own home, eating good food, chatting, playing games and drinking something decent.

Therefore, when I was contacted by La Belle Assiette, about having a private chef come and cook for my friends and I in my own home; who also promised to wash up, I answered with a resounding yes.

It has been a long time since a chap cooked for me!

But, invites were sent out, friends said yes and a date was set.

I even managed to do some creative rearranging with garden furniture to create a table large enough for us all to sit around…

How Does it Work?

La Belle Assiette arrange everything, putting you in contact with your private chef who prepares a menu based on what you desire.  I follow a nutrition plan 90% of the time, so I asked for something high in protein, tasty and not too calorific.

I was pretty impressed with the menu that followed…



Pan Seared Scallops Served on Butternut Squash Puree,Roasted Pumpkin Seeds and Bacon Crisp


Fillet Of Beef served with Sweet potato and Sage Mash ,Pan Fried Green beans and Red wine Jus


Cherry and Chocolate Cheesecake served with Praline crumb and  Winter Berry’s

My stomach was leaping in excitement!

The night arrived, and I was concerned about how I would feel about having a stranger in the kitchen.

Turned out, Aaron was lovely.  He had done most of the food prep at home, and he made me feel instantly at ease as he busied himself in the kitchen.  He was kind enough to not point out the flaws in my washing up…

The evening was an unprecedented success,  Aaron created meals that set our taste buds on fire.

The scallops were simply scrumptious…

They almost inspired me to cook again – until I recalled that I really can’t actually cook that well….

The evening was so relaxed, Aaron cooked and cleaned as we chatted, laughed and played Cards Against Humanity…

I have not smiled so much in my own home for ages.

The conversation ranged from dancing in fields, to podcasts on mental stimulation.

I laughed a lot, and my tummy was unbelievably happy.

The steak was perfectly rare, a fabulously tasty source of protein, and the mash was a perfect accompaniment.

I bloody love steak.

And of course there was pudding….

This did not stay on the table for long….


It was such a fantastic night, the girls and I finished with full tummies and a very clean kitchen.

Within moments of the ladies leaving, I was happily in my PJ’s tucked up in bed.

The perfect end to a perfect night.

You can find more details on La Belle Assiette on their website here: http://aboutus.labelleassiette.co.uk/

Price wise, it is very easy to see what you will spend;

Our meal was from the Prestige price range, and I can highly recommend it!


Thanks again to La Belle Assiette and Aaron for a fantastic evening…

(and of course to my friends!)


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